Toonslab: My sweet, amazing abusers.


I was banned about a month ago from Graal Classic, right? This hadn’t been my first ban. I’ve been banned several times, mostly on Classic but sometimes other places, too, like Era.
But I did nothing in breach of any damn rules to even get that ban. I was just banned for “inappropriate behavior” for a week. What did I do? I had a goodbye message in my house, status, and name because I’m a really depressed person and I wanted to go and off myself. I come online later, because I hadn’t done anything to myself yet, and I’m banned. Weird. Didn’t know that being suicidal is against the rules. Thanks, admins.
Anyway, as you see, it’s a stupid ban. A false ban. Oh, but wait; this isn’t the first time they’ve done this to me. That’s right folks, I’ve had these idiotic bans before. One time, I was asleep and I went idle on Graal because I fell asleep with Graal turned on. I woke up banned, pretty sure again, for “inappropriate behavior”. Wow, awesome. Also been banned while talking to others in general or logging in and doing nothing wrong. Sometimes when I’m banned my friend in Georgia, USA (I live in Canada) gets banned, too, because we’ve been one eachothers accounts and vice versa (sometimes her bans carry to me) because I’ve bought her gralats and done things for her and we just did it for fun. Oh and neither of us did anything wrong, again (or maybe she did but I have no confirmation). And in this situation, both of us are banned, too.
Anyway, I send in a stupid support ticket on of course, asking for my ban to be removed and expressing my salt about this because they’ve done so much crap to me I’m just completely fed up with them.
I mean, I’ve been playing since the start of 2013 and I’ve spent over $2000 CAD so why wouldn’t I be pissed if the developers and admins of my semi-favorite game are abusing me?

They replied with this:

I mean, wow, heh. You gotta admire these morons, right? Pricks.

So I wait… and look, it’s February 5th. I log onto Graal on a new account I’ve made to talk to my friends on there while I’m banned and oh my gosh, would you look at this? I have a ban for 2100+ hours?! I log onto my main account and see that the hours have been added onto there, aswell. So, in a nutshell, I’ve received a ban, in a ban, in a ban. You can all agree this is COMPLETELY unjust because I was ALREADY banned, so how could I possibly do ANYTHING wrong to extend the time? The answer is simple: I didn’t. I mean, I sent this support ticket a few days ago to them but that’s no reason to ban me for three months for “multiple bans” when I’m currently banned for that reason which was unjust to begin with.
This was in the ticket that I had wrote:

"I still honestly don’t even understand why you developers choose to harass me.
Yes, you harass me, or maybe it’s the admins doing.
Half of my bans are not legitimate ones. Two of them I was asleep and woke up banned for absolutely no reason. Some of them are linked to my friend in the USA (I’m in Canada) because we have went on eachothers accounts in the past.
I guess I’m banned for wanting to kill myself? You guys sure are caring and cautious about suicide prevention.

Anyway, I made this ticket asking that you guys get off my back and not harass me any longer because you instantly ban me for the most outrageous reasons if you ever even have any (with no warning. that’s discrimination here, folks.) while hackers and people cyberbullying others can walk around harm-free because you couldn’t care less.

Please unlink me and my friends accounts. It’s stupid that if one of us gets banned we’re both banned. Mine might be linked to more than one but have no idea. ********** and *********** are my other accounts, so you can keep those.

I hope you read this and reply. Thanks, I guess.
Also should remind you I’ve been a loyal player since 2013 and have spent over $2000 CAD on Classic, West, Zone, and Era combined yet I’m still treated like crap even though Graal, with how boring it is, is my favorite game by far."

I’ve already explained why I’m so damn mad at them. And now I’m banned for another three months. I have to miss so much on this game because of them. Because they chose to pick on me like this.
So I NEED help in some sort of way. How do I get them to get off my freakin’ back and put the ban duration back to where it was? You can’t possibly side with them on this. They’re money hungry too, not to mention…
I just want to get back on Graal to talk to my friends and hangout with them. But instead I get abused, as if I don’t get that enough from people.

So can someone help me with this? This is absolute bullcrap and needs to be dealt with. I know you may not know me but I hope you can see they’re completely and utterly unfair to me.
Oh, and yeah I had a guild ban that’s been going on for, uh, at least four damn months if I’m right. It happened because I attempted changing my guild name to things like “GP” “Admin” “Helper” “Staff” because I’ve always wanted to be an Admin on Graal and knew I’d never be one so I wanted to make a guild designed to help people with the game. For that, I get banned for a day twice and a guild ban. “Game disruption”? Oh screw off.
They ignore 9 out of 10 support tickets I send in. I really need help and would appreciate it. I’d love to be back on Classic ASAP. Thank you for reading this, and have a good day/night.


OOo hey! welcome to graal reborn, you’ll feel right at home here. Graal management doesn’t care about despite the amount of money you spend… how typical. But you know what? For only $1000 we the members of graal reborn will provide you with all the respect you desire and will clear all your bans on all our servers. Bargain!


Welcome SimplyAbby, you are welcome here and always will be welcome here. We welcome everyone.

This is a diverse and open forum with people and opinions of all types. There may be crazy, violent and caustic people “for example ToonSlab staff who attack and threaten people and people who believe they are the Archeangel of Akron type nonsense” that drop in every now and then but overall this aims to be a positive and informative place.

Don’t commit suicide. I know there are a lot of stupid people and things in this world “I know, I deal with them often and probably more than most people.” but there are also many good people and things out there. You can be a good person that does good things too. Don’t let bad things, bad people, negativity and forces of evil keep you down.

If you have good friends keep them and talk to them, find new friends and people you can talk to and trust.
I know this may seem like a meme but it’s really not. Look into if you really feel like killing yourself and have no other option.
and finally get out of GraalOnline and don’t look back. You seem like you are still a young person and still have hope.

If I had a dollar (canadian or otherwise) for every time someone had been banned from GraalOnline for a frivolous reason I would probably have over 2000 more dollars.

I’m not happy that you spent thousands of dollars that went to those scumbags and criminals but i’m glad you realized your mistake.
My advice is immediately contact your bank/financial institutions you used to pay for things on GraalOnline/Toonslab and have your account numbers changed or monitored for fraud.
You need to operate under the assumption that Nigerian, Russian, Chinese or whatever other Internet scammers got access to charge your account because that is the fact of the situation.

If you can do so try making claims, do a chargeback, get refund or otherwise reversing as many of the charges as you can. Contact your bank/credit card and/or Paypal “whatever you used to pay” directly. Asking ToonSlab/GraalOnline for a refund directly will only result in them threatening to sue you and up to them trying to attack you in various and often vicious and illegal ways.

If you can try to reverse any and all charges under your credit card or paypal account “claim fraud as that’s what it is”.
ToonSlab, GraalOnline and all it’s other products and shell company names is a SCAM period.

They have been scammers ever since they (Stephane Portha) first started charging money with credit cards and paypal in 2001. The first victims were also the first account buyers IcePick and Mafukie.
I am thankful I never gave them any money or financial information and left back in 2002.

They used to and probably still ban people the same day after they paid for an account then proceeded to fraudulently charge accounts. Because of GraalOnline “and FairyLand Europe in 2004-2006 which was another MMORPG that Stephane hijacked and scammed” and companies like them PayPal was forced to add buyer protection and change their policies to be almost 100% in favor of the buyer/payer in transactions.

Stephane Portha even ripped off the main coder Stefan Knorr and fled from France to African Island Mauritius in 2015. "Their company in France used to be called “Eurocenter France” which was shut down in 2015 when Stephane fled France. - - It’s also worthy to note Mark Karpeles of shut down bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox used to work for them and was cheated out of his paychecks for php, database, coding and website dev work.

The GraalOnline/ToonSlab staff past and present is mainly comprised of scammers violent criminals, terrorists and insane people. Ben Kerensa aka Nova “script kiddie ddoser, criminal and terrorist”, Jessica Peterson aka Angel “script kiddie, ddoser and liar”, Carlito Santiago aka Carlito “beats on women, lies and attacks people for ToonSlab” and Brian Bryant aka Antago “threatens and attacks people and is absolutely 100% psychotic and delusional” immediately come to mind as a few prominent examples.


Man, I was gonna tease you for still caring about Graal in 2018, but I just feel really bad now. This is pretty standard behavior with those guys but it really never gets old. Welcome to the forums btw.


The last few parts I never knew about and seem a bit stretched but thanks a lot. Anyway, I don’t really have friends I do really feel like doing it but I don’t want to talk to some suicide prevention line. I’ve been like this for years. They also unbanned me today while I was at school and said my next ban would be SIX months, and then when I got home the ban is back? Probably because they IP banned me so I sent in another ticket. I really dislike several things about Graal but it’s a game I play to socialize and when I’m bored.


Thank you


I haven’t paid to play Graal since 2002 and I see a lot hasn’t changed. That’s what one gets from a company who makes their money off of the exploitation of teenage developers.


Shit id run an online sweatshop if I could too. You wouldn’t?


[USER=“13680”]SimplyAbby[/USER] i have the same problem, my account was disabled on Graal Classic for “advertising” so talking about a different game i like is fucking advertising? bullshit, anyways i spent over 600$ on that boring ass game, when i send in a support ticket for a refund i don’t get a reply.




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