We should look into this.

Meh, I’d call bullshit. I’d bet it’s probably just him playing with a piss laggy connection, hence why “NPCs aren’t loading” in any of the normally no-PK zones and why he can’t see other players, and the only other player is the dead, idle one. The motion video parts show no modification except the no-PK zone thing I said above, which is easily explained. The screenshots are probably photoshopped; the rock tiles aren’t even aligned to the grid like they should be at 0:50.

We could make an iPhone private server, rather easily, it’s just one mystery packet away from clearing away the loading screen (The client already can connect to any Graal v5/v6 server, except the loading screen gets stuck up. You can even see him from other clients in game and watch the packets being sent to/from the device). The private server would need GS2 support, though, or it would be restricted to only sword and movement, and no input methods (The controls are all scripted) unless we just “saved” some bytecode sent from the NPCServer compiling it and recycled it for the iPhone client.

Mwhahaha James1Jaames! I am his friend in graal. I’m in his little V.I.P. guild. He’s so good at hacking the game! He made the angelclan cloud appear over his house and stuff. He’s so epic :smiley:

Really, ive just been interested in this coz my pc broke lately. I have already made a client that can connect to graal reborn servers, although u cant move, talk etc yet lol.

I can’t think of why it would be useful aside from what you just said Jatz. Even then though, why? What could you possibly play? :stuck_out_tongue: There’s nothing to do most of the time. If anything, you’d kill 10 minutes and then get bored.

Thats the purpose of classic iphone.

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Nah i just got bored. If i eventually finish it, it would be good to use while your out and about. Although a custom server would have to accompany the app. Idk. Would anyone use it? Im not planning making a fully functional app, just something lite so u can play gr on the move.

He didn’t fucking do anything, I can put NPCs where ever the hell I want, too. Copy fuckin’ pasta

its benjiro man, expect this shit

Anyway, back on topic, would anyone use an iphone gr client or would it be a waste of time, atm what ive made is a heap of shit for my purposes only, but i can add features if u guys would use it?

requires compatible apple device, no one here is gonna use it

True. I guess its just a timekiller for me then :3

Graal Reborn on the iPhone? Just what we need… 3 people on that server instead of online here.

How’s it work? Enlighten me.

Surely, you are not talking to me?

Talking to Jatz, about his private iPhone server stuff.

Atm all i did was mod the official graal client to connect to a gserver im hosting locally, i could connect, but i have no gs2 support, hence no walking tLking etc.

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It all started by me reading an old post on here, and someone ( i think it was you downsider) mentioned there being no arrays2.dat file in the iphone app, so i went looking through the code. And found it. After that it was just me being bored out of my mind.

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Ill attempt to do more then ill probs upload the modded app for you guys to look at.

jatz, try get it working :smiley: I would soo play your server any day lol

(Does not have iPhone)

You guys can have your darn iPhone servers. >:|

on another note, if u spam your iphone with packets while playing graal, you can walk through walls.

When I was your age… oh wait… I still have to use Game Genie.