Yeah, he’s a new member and he’s a hacker. He keeps trying to crash the list-server by sending tons of packets to it. Not sure if this is a threat or not, I just want him gone if it is. He says and I quote “im doing this to reborn because graalonline has too much security.”

If he was a real hacker he’d be going after Graal Online (or something else) purely because it would have more security, ie: a challenge. Attacking something that would be less of a challenge is something a bored script kiddie would do.



Eh, hahahahahahahahahaahhaahhahahahahahahaha.

It means he logged on and logged off of your server, lol.

I don’t see the big drama, it’s just Dabbler

The person named D on there is the 5050505050505050 guy. But yeah, somebody needs to fuck back with him.

Sure! Give me his IP and ill give him hell
edit: I can take care of him (not that he is a threat)

Awww look at this internet tough guy, isn’t he just the cutest little thing?!