Total Censorship is near SAVE EVERYTHING.

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I am probably preaching to the choir and those who already know here, but I feel it important to bring up and remind all about.

Censorship, Totalitarianism, State-ism and Fascism of all levels and types on the internet, in the real world and everywhere has been exponentially increasing first every decade, then every year, and now by the month, week, day, hour and minute.

It’s coming from all directions and groups of many types, democrats and republicans, The U.N., E.U., U.S.A, China and others. The “intelligence/military complex” particularly the NSA, GHCQ and others.

From minority and religious or anti religious groups, the PROTECT DER CHILDRENS, STOP DEM TERRURISTS and from the SJW politically correct trolls.

They wear many masks and use many names, excuses and guises to push their total censorship agenda.

anything and everything according to these demonic fascist creatures will “offend” everyone and is “hate speech” and thus has got to go. Control has been centralized to them and their front companies “google, microsoft, facebook, apple, ect…” and they have the ability to just disappear it, shut it off and delete it from the internet, and they have already done so to many things.

The solution? SAVE EVERYTHING NOW! : Save everything to non internet connected, non proprietary and non drmed external media. I prefer DVD-Rs placed in multi sleeve cases placed in old style solid steel filing cabinets.


DO NOT TRUST THE “CLOUD” anything not in your own physical possession can and will be deleted, altered or used against you.

Make sure you know what your OS is doing, do not allow it to send/receive any data on it’s own without your consent, if it does so and does not allow you to disable that then TOSS IT IMMEDIATELY! This goes without saying, but DO NOT USE/TRUST Windows 10 if you value freedom or privacy at all!

Use encryption without NSA/CIA/FBI or other backdoors, also use open source and free software.

Save everything now whether it’s snes roms, midis,mp3s, gifs and jpgs, websites, articles, anything and everything not put out by the government or it’s media puppets such as cnn or mtv! for one day in the near future it will be gone entirely and you will get swatted for even looking it up even if it’s a copy of the U.S. Constitution or a metallica mp3 or something.

The fascism is extreme, hard and rolling out fast.

I cannot understate how bad it already is and how bad it’s going to get.

be complacent and not care at your own peril…

hi US GOV hi NSA hi Jews

Socialism sounds nice.

if my country becomes socialist in the next election I’ll leave :slight_smile:

I’m just fearing the day they take away NyaaTorrents and glorious XDCC away from us. Reminds me I gotta back some shit up.

By the way, backing things up onto CDs isn’t a good idea. They’re not built to last.

How exciting, another one of these threads.

Even if this is all true my apathy towards my personal privacy remains unchanged. The cloud is convenient.

Glad GOATSE doesn’t have to take meds for that.

Well being safe never hurts. What if there’s a day where you don’t have access to the cloud? Like, a bad storm takes out your internet provider’s electricity or something lol, or something dumb. Having something backed up is always a good idea, even if GOATSE’s sources are just lunatics.

A lot of this stuff sounds far fetched and isn’t from the best of sources but there is some credibility to it. Governments have always heavily censored things and lied about the truth, it’s been seen in WWII, the Cold War, the war on terrorism and the current anti Putin and Middle East stuff. The internet is really one of the last places not entirely controlled by those pushing an agenda and if you think the governments wouldn’t like to change that you’re delusional. That being said its a massive ordeal to censor and control something so vast, not to mention the public backlash that would occur from the whole deal. Although I don’t think backing up stuff is that important unless you’re planning on stashing Pro-Russian articles, images, videos, etc.

  1. Why are the sources I posted “lunatics”? especially when they also link to other sources, mainstream articles and respectible groups such as the Free Software Foundation FSF, Electronic Privacy Information Center EPIC, Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF, American Civil Liberties Union ACLU, and even the enemies own statements at the U.N. are saying the same things?

The one who are “off their meds” are those who love fascism and excuse it no matter what.

Is WashingtonPost now Lunatics?

The U.N. are LUNATICS, here is their own page promoting censorship under the guise of “not offending any women” Sarkeesian & Quinn - Their own words/statement promoting censorship.

I suppose the EFF are lunatics too… I could copypasta hundreds of links most from mainstream sources in a matter of moments with just a quick search engine search of words, phrases and terms

"Type in U.N. Cyberbullying into or Google, Zoe, Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian, the people pushing for the fascism and censorship are no doubt LUNATICS, they are real, do exist, and have influence and power…

but those reporting on it are not lunatics, they are heroes people such as Aaron Swartz, Alex Jones, William Binney, Mark Klein, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Richard Stallman, Matt Drudge and many others they are all heroes! and shame on the pathetic mainstream sucking shills who say otherwise!

Did you know that if it was not for Matt Drudge and independent media nobody would ever know about Bill Clinton sticking cigars up the hoohaw of Monica Lewinski? to say nothing of all the other dirty secrets and issues of every politician and corporate figure dating back 40 years. I’m not holding my breath on Hillary Clinton or Dick Cheney going to prison for their crimes any time soon…

Just because mainstream shills such as Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams will not talk about it does not mean it does not exist. You really think they will just tell the iPhone peons they are about to be royally screwed over? “in many cases they actually do” anything that the mainstream media spins as good you can no doubt assume with 99% accuracy it is horrible for everyone, and anything the mainstream media says is bad you can no doubt assume is either good or a lie.

Why do people bend over backwards to defend the mainstream, anti privacy and anti freedom? Do they pay you, do they somehow make your lives better? I don’t get it.

When the world has reached the new dark ages and the internet is little more than a censored glorified cable box, I will still have terabytes of content of all types while dumbdumb kiddies will be stuck paying $100 for angry birds or plants vs. zombies dlc.

This is not just about “pro russian content” or any one thing, this is about ALL CONTENT OF ANY TYPE!

It’s already rolling out and happening, if you dont believe it then take a trip to Canada, Australia or China where they have like 5gb a month at 768kbit and most websites blocked for false reasons. sticking ones head in the sand while it happens is unhelpful to not only one’s self but to everyone.

Yes the push for censorship has been happening for a long time, “Random Fun Facts: The DMCA did not even exist before 1998”, "I was alive during 9/11 and all the post 9/11 censorship/anti freedom propaganda push such as the “patriot act” and formation of the TSA and “homeland security” I also remember the Total Information Awareness thing with Admiral Poindexter old fascism still exists and has never gone away but it’s getting worse and accelerating and no sane person with eyes and/or ears can deny this.

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under U.N. censorship regime rules videos like this will not only be banned, but you will be indefinitely detained for downloading, uploading or viewing them in any way…

I live now in a socialist country. Trust me, you do not want to live in a socialist country…

dude its great if you’re muslim

not gonna spend time posting a counter argument cause food is cooking at home, but I’ll just say I didn’t say they were lunatics. I said “if” they were lunatics, it would be a good idea to back your stuff up.

Who the fuck cares about Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn? They’re both of loud-mouthed sluts who use sexism as a crux to force their way into matters that they have no business in. Nobody with a brain would take them seriously.

The majority of the internet doesn’t give a shit about them anymore so they have to stir up some more shit to gather attention so they can get that sweet, sweet ad revenue on their blogs, Youtube channels, and websites.