Total Miner

I don’t know how many of you guys know about this new Indie game for the 360, but it’s basically minecraft for the xbox. Here’s the link to the site so check it.

When Minecraft gets on Xbox this game will look really lame.

Ultimately there will be people who think Minecraft will be Total Miner’s knock off. Then raging and laughing will be had.

You have to remember though minecraft was based on another game called Infiniminer even though they’re totally different lol

Of course, but most people have an issue with primacy; Whatever is seen or heard first is the “truth”, whatever goes against it is unacceptable.

first building game I played was Blockland, then I played the mod TBM which evolved into The Orange Block…

then I went to Infiniminer then decided to try out minecraft when it was very very early but it sucked a lot then, then a lot later I played it again and it was better. so I followed Tricon and Phreaks to it >_>

I play minecraft like a mo’fo. Seriously, when I’m not on here, I’m on minecraft.

My brother used to host a server that four or five of us at a time would get on and do shit, but it’s been down for some time…

Total Miner is basically to tie people over until Minecraft is released on the Xbox which I think is going to be sometime in the winter, but I’m not too sure.

Looks pretty bad imo. It has merits, but so poorly executed. The graphics are horrible… couldn’t they have tried to get someone from the Minecraft community who’s made a nice texture pack? I’m sure if they offered money they’d take the job(I would, depending on the pay). The blueprints growing out on the ground is pretty friggin’ stupid. They could have at least scattered chests around(would have been cool to find rare/very useless blueprints in caves). The mobs look HORRIBLE, and that’s just what I saw. Why the HELL did they go with voxel baddies instead of stealing the design from Minecraft? Also, no animations… I’m also going to assume it won’t be getting updates? I might be wrong, but I don’t think updating stuff on Live is very easy from what I’ve heard, so on top of it all it looks horribly incomplete…

Meh. Could have put way more effort into it and showed Minecraft up(where the hell is the handheld light source from torches!?), but instead they’re just cashing in on the hype with minimal effort.

Its embarrasing listening to those guys on that video. But yer agreed

God, these people tried to do stupid voices for funny value, but they failed… Horribly…

i think the spiders are ‘riley spiders’. ones with six legs…

I thought those giant spiders were scorpions…

So? Just because it can happen with some rarity isn’t really an excuse for such an oversight. We all know the typical definition of a spider includes having 8 legs. Just like it’d look horrible if their spider was white, because omg, there are such things as albino spiders! Doesn’t mean it looks good.

I’m not much on graphics either, but what they have is horrible. I don’t mind Minecraft default graphics, even though they’re pretty bad. This game can’t even match Notch’s programmer art? It’s like NONE of their textures tile right at all.

Like I said, they had a chance to make a decent clone and maybe even do things better than Minecraft and win people over considering their earlier release on the 360… but they didn’t.


To be honest, I have no idea why you posted that.

Google searched derp and that came up.

What face?