tricxta (25)

Here comes dat boi, oh shit waddap

It’s your birthday!

good job. now do something cool

Happy birthday!

happy bday big boy

Happy birthday mang.

Thanks guys! :smiley:

I’m trying but it all takes time :shrug:

why cant we finish that control npc via external program project

I thought we did?

Happy birthday tricxta. One could say I celebrated it cuz I celebrated tonight. If I had known I would surely have taken a shot for you or something.

that was proof of concept. now we should take it all the way.

But why? By doing this, what are we going to get out of it?

A NPC in game that says happy birthday to a list of people whos names it gets sent from the forums and walks around humping trees and throwing chairs.

Happy birthday btw.

Damn tricxta. I always thought of you as a “why not” kind of guy.

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Shit. Still younger than me even when I’m not lying about my age.

Happy birthday tricxta!

Spooon, why would you lie about your age if you’re older than 21 and younger than 45?

Sometimes you need to be a different age.

happy bday big boy!

especially when you meet Chris Hansen