Tutorial for making a GUI

I need a tutorial for making a GUI (Graphical User Interface)! Tricxta told me that it is just an image, and it does certain things when the mouse presses/clicks a part of the image. I dont understand how to do that still! Please make a tutorial on how to make a GUI!

I’m pretty sure Downsider has a shop gui in the scripting showcase. I also think that this is a bit too complex for you…

Ok, Ill go check it out, thanks.

The GUI I made was meant to be a replacement for GUIControls, and it works, but I never really finished it or the editor so everything had to be done by hand. It IS modular, though, you don’t have to edit any real code except array definitions for inputs and text.

showtext, showimg, leftmousebutton, mousescreenx in |x1,x2|,mousescreeny in |y1,y2|,hideimg,and possibly showpoly…

Learn those and making a GUI will be easy.

Could you define how to use them?

Lol read commands.rtf benzy. You shouldn’t expect to be spoon fed all the time, you must move on lol

Ok, ill try.

Can make GS3 but can’t use GS1.

Im not.

Of course you’re not making GS3.

But he wrote a poorly designed website. He’s on his way!

Spooon stop flaming Benzy >.> atleast pretend that you actually are a super moderator, and not flame people and start a flame war. Especially that this is a Request thread,

those sites are pre-scripted!

By the way, Benzy. I think I have a thread somewhere in the NPC section with a completed GUI. It’s pretty cool, just read through it.

I think also there is a thread on Script Showcase with a Bomb/Arrow Shop GUI. it looked pretty cool somewhat when i took a look at it

That was Downsider’s that I had mentioned at the beginning of this thread…

oh, whoops I didnt really read the first page which i should have. Srry
now thinking of it we need a Gui making tortorial maybe… I might write one up

I’d recommend writing one up when you can actually script. :slight_smile:

lol, ill try to keep it in mind
P.S- A few days ago i finished a gravity script kondie for a Race Event, and it works great