UI Icon update

Been working on a text editor (plan to add syntax highlighting and possibly text completion, maybe…) for practice and finally got over a bit of hurdle with my searching feature and I wanted to take a break.

So, I made some new icons and added them into it. As per usual anyone is welcome to use them for their own purposes and I plan to fix them up a bit more as I rushed them due to being on my laptop which is a pain to paint with. I will also be adding in a help icon and will be happy to make some on request.

That java swing default skin never gets any better to look at. Nice work though, the box around the icons kind of suits that theme anyway.

Yeh the default skin does suck a lot. Might switch to the native one, but not super fussed really.

A few updates to the icons. Help, zoom in, zoom out and config/options. I also touched up a few pieces on some of the other icons, but not very much.

This might limited to my opinion but, that help icon doesn’t look very helpful.

Haha.It was meant to be like “tech support:” so the headset etc icon. I went with either a question mark or that headset icon and chose the headset as it was more visually interesting. Happy to do a separate version though.

Help, reset, style/format or w/e

Set it so the UI scheme is based on the OS. I think the icons look even better with it :open_mouth: but I am almost considering removing the backgrounds for them. Not super fussed though seeing as this is just me practicing.

Seems like everyone has been making progress :open_mouth: just refactored how all the actions are handled in the text editor, but it’s still fairly rigid :X but been improving it. I haven’t done to much with the icons, but thought I would show it all.

Only have to finish replace all functionality. The cut, paste and copy actions and then the help menu and then I think I will call it quits on this test program and I can move on to my next one.

Updated: Finished the cut, copy and paste functionality and now need to fix a darn bug with the popup menu lol >.>
Updated: Fixed the bug with the popup. I was using the wrong parent for it XD and then added in the replace all functionality and abstracted some of the code for it a bit more.

I will probably do a clear background image for the icons later on and add that in. I will provide the image on here for anyone also. So, they don’t have to do it themselves if they use the icons.

hey we need some new forum emojis

Any particular ones you want? And is there any requirements for them?

2ndwolf needs an emoji that is a java book

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Why? the Forum is dead anyway, I think nobody cares about emojis.

Kinda hard to do it :o but I gave it a shot lol. Based off of Oreilly’s Javascript book with the rhino on it.


make it the favicon, I dare you

no, make it my bomy favicon

More ponies please.

No, shutup, I want more emojis.