umm see ya?

not much to say to be honest, my project turned out great, the support i got off forums, new tilesets etc. as well as the design aspect and learning and growing. To be honest, the graal engine is lacking, and i have been working with a team lately and been doing up some mock ups and designing an editor for a standalone game, that already has alot of support, so i will be focusing on that and my project will be dead here. i appreciate the support and help i got from many people here, been playing graal for way too long, its time to like, let the nostalgic aspect of this game die. i have taken the positive from this game since it first came out, and i will leave with a positive note as well. good luck to you all, especially you pixel artists here, you need to branch out, and do more. there is so much out on the net, like im not saying leave graal reborn, just you know. fucking expand. you are limited here, trust me. either way…

its been fun all. thanks everyone.

P.S: except you dangerless.

Bai bai

EDIT: Oh! Your that idiot with the zelda tiles! Kid, you did nothing great. Compared to what Crow or maybe Dusty has already done, your work was very lacking.

Suck it.