Unknown Prophecy

Willing to host it and someone take over project here is the plotline etc and admin rights is ijack
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After a brief CGI - “Cinematic Game Introduction” introduction you begin the game as #n, a knight-in-training to a regional Lord on the edge of the kingdom. You are sent out to collect firewood one day, and return to find that your manor is under attack by heavily-armed soldiers. You valiantly try to defend your manor, but there are simply too many of them. You are forced to flee or you will certainly die from the enemy onslaught. With the help of a bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe and a relatively lenient tutorial level you manage to fight your way to safety, but you can only watch as your manor is completely destroyed.

Desperate for answers, you and the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe decide that the best course of action would be to travel to the manor of a powerful and legendary hero. You head out immediately, battling a few small groups of goblins along the way. Luckily none of them seem to be too much trouble and in a short time you arrive at the hero’s manor a few Experience Points richer.

You share your story with the hero, who listens with great interest. After hearing your tale and consulting the ancient histories it becomes clear that you, #n, are the Chosen One mentioned in an ancient prophecy; the one who will either bring lasting peace to the planet… or tear it apart. Next, the hero informs you that the attack on your manor was not a random event, but rather that the heavily-armed soldiers were actually looking to eliminate you before you could realize your destiny and the role you will play in shaping the future of the planet.

Then the hero informs you that a corrupt army General has seized power in the South and is quickly consolidating his power. The General’s armies are growing and will stop at nothing short of complete domination of the entire planet. Currently, the evil General is searching for four legendary shards that, according to legend, will make him and his forces completely unstoppable. Of course, the hero says that you and the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe are the only ones capable of stopping this evil force. Motivated by a sense of duty as the Chosen One, you agree to seek out the four shards and claim them before they fall into the evil General’s hands. Once you have them in your possession, you can bring them back to the hero’s manor and the hero will seal them away forever. To assist you in your mission, the hero introduces you to a brooding goth stereotype who will aid you on your epic quest. Ready for action, you gear up and head out immediately in a giant airship.

Your search for the first shard takes you to a network of long forgotten mountain caves, where you fight through waves of rock monsters and giant spiders before finally battling a giant fire-breathing red dragon named Valhalpazar. Along the way, you are confronted by a child with significant magical powers, who approaches you and insists that you cannot pass until you solve a moderately difficult riddle. You are puzzled at first, but eventually come up with the answer. Awed by your uncanny intellectual prowess, the child with significant magical powers decides to join you in your mission.

With the first boss defeated, your ever-growing party visits a town where you upgrade some of your weapons and equipment and take a trip to a seedy local club. Inside, you see a very ill-tempered talking Saint Bernard sitting at a table challenging all comers to a test of strength. Intrigued by the prospect of adding a character such as him to your party, you slip on your newly acquired Ring of Strength +5 and step up to the table. Using the ring, you are easily able to win the match. Impressed by your display of raw power, the very ill-tempered talking Saint Bernard decides to aid you in your quest.

After outfitting your team with as many upgrades and healing items as you can afford, you then head off to the great ice floe of Krazir where you face some frost spirits and stronger giant spiders. The second shard is guarded by an ice-breathing white dragon. After some difficulty, you emerge victorious from this encounter.

As you leave this realm, you come across a geeky dweeb who falls down a lot and ‘sweat drops’ constantly who has been captured by monsters and is currently being held in their small makeshift camp. You mount a daring rescue, killing all of the beasts and finally freeing him. In exchange for your help, he agrees to join up with you.

With two of the five shards in your possession, you set off to continue your mission. However, before you can get far, your entire party is ambushed and captured by a clan of ninja freedom fighters. After hearing your tale, their leader, a classically-trained ninja assassin agrees to let you go free if you are able to defeat him in a duel. The two of you fight, and after a hard-fought match, the classically-trained ninja assassin concedes defeat. Since you were able to best him in single combat, he decides not only to release you but also to join up and adventure with you.

With your party now complete, you venture to another town to replenish your supply of healing potions and learn a few new spells for your magic-using characters. At a nearby club you encounter a well-meaning merchant who apparently got himself into a little bit of trouble with a local group of thugs. Talking to him opens up an exciting open-ended side quest where you can either help him solve his problems or sell him out for some extra cash. Being the honorable hero that you are, you of course decide to tell the thugs to lay off the merchant. They try to fight you, but you slaughter them easily. This quest is simple and ultimately pointless, but for all you know it could have far-reaching potential to the outcome of your story. You encounter a couple more strikingly similar moral dilemmas along the way, but eventually stop caring enough to waste your time listening to everyone’s problems.

You continue your quest for the legendary shard, this time journeying to a really spooky hedge maze, where hordes of human-like monsters that run around on all fours and a possessed scarecrow that shoots exploding pumpkins are waiting for you. At first these stronger enemies beat your ass, forcing you to return to the World Map to try and raise your Experience by slaughtering some less-powerful sunglass-wearing corporate assassins. However, in your aimless wandering you also come across a Legendary Sword That Turns into a Chain of Disease +4 in a super-secret hidden treasure chest, which helps you even the odds and recover the third shard with little difficulty.

As soon as you take possession of the third shard, you are shown a brief cutscene where your party is confronted by the General’s chief Lieutenant, who was sent by the evil General to take the shards from you. There is a brief battle, and you are able to defeat him far more easily than you would have expected to. However, he is merely wounded and escapes the battle with some witty banter about how he’ll be ready for you next time.

Unfazed by your encounter, your party pushes on to find the final shard, this time journeying to an enemy missile base. There you encounter soldiers stationed to prevent your entrance before a confrontation with a crab-like robotic monster created to ensure the security of the base. This level is incredibly difficult and insanely long, but you eventually manage to get through it. With all the shards in your possession, you set out for the hero’s manor to seal them away forever and prevent anyone from ever obtaining such incredible power.

During your journey, you’ve managed to make small talk with your party members and at various clubs and towns throughout the planet you’ve been able to complete small mini-quests for the brooding goth stereotype, the child with significant magical powers, the very ill-tempered talking Saint Bernard, the geeky dweeb who falls down a lot and ‘sweat drops’ constantly and the classically-trained ninja assassin that have ultimately made their lives complete and made them completely loyal to you and your cause. After the last level though, you are given a touching cut-scene where the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe finally professes her undying love for you. Before you can return the sentiment though, your airship comes under attack from the forces of the General’s chief Lieutenant. Your team scrambles to fight off the invaders, but you’re hopelessly outnumbered and forced to surrender when the General’s chief Lieutenant takes the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe hostage and threatens to kill her if you don’t throw down your weapons.

Several heavily-armed soldiers surround your party as the General’s chief Lieutenant demands you hand over the legendary shards. Despite the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe’s protest, you do so. When you hand them over the General’s chief Lieutenant gloats, ‘Once I bring these back to my master, our victory will be complete’. When questioned about the items, he tells you that since you’re going to die anyways, he’ll let you in on what’s going on. The legendary shards are actually going to be used to resurrect an Ancient Evil Warrior. Once the Warrior has been summoned, the evil General plans to use his powerful dark magic to steal his soul and absorb his power, thus making the evil General virtually invincible. Having divulged this incredibly unpredictable plot twist to you, the General’s chief Lieutenant then takes the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe and escapes with her while ordering the assembled heavily-armed soldiers to destroy you. You are attacked, but after a difficult battle you manage to defeat them all. Unfortunately, the General’s chief Lieutenant is long gone.

Once you have finished off the heavily-armed soldiers, your attention turns to saving the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe and stopping the evil General before he can complete his nefarious plot. Luckily, the child with significant magical powers is well versed in the legend of the Dark Warrior. The child with significant magical powers informs you that the Dark Warrior terrorized the planet 1,000 years ago, but was finally defeated by a group of noble heroes who used a fabled weapon known as the Masamune to slay him. You decide to find this weapon before going after the evil General directly, in case you end up having to deal with the Dark Warrior as well.

Your search for the Masamune takes you to the Forgotten Crypts, the weapon’s last known resting place. You journey there and are met by numerous spirits of long-dead warriors sworn to make sure the weapon does not fall into unworthy hands, which you must defeat before battling the weapon’s guardian, a a powerful fire-breathing manticore. After an intense fight, you emerge with the Masamune.

At long last you set out for the Temple of Blood and your final confrontation with the evil General. From the moment you arrive, you must wade into hordes of heavily-armed soldiers, mowing them down with the Masamune and the fact that you’re at least thirty experience levels and twenty hours of gameplay more powerful than you were when you first faced them. Tense action music is playing as you slaughter the ones responsible for the destruction of your manor and head towards the ultimate final duel.

After clearing several rooms, you are once again face-to-face with the General’s chief Lieutenant. After a terse dialogue, the two of you square off one-on-one. You notice that he has new abilities and is way more powerful than the first time you faced him. You are taken off-guard at first, and are really getting a beat down. However, as things are looking bleak you cast the spell Summon Big Ass Dragon and a big ass dragon lands on top of the General’s chief Lieutenant. You then quickly go on the offensive and use the Masamune to finish him.

With the General’s chief Lieutenant dead, you rescue the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe and the two of you are reunited. However, there is no time to waste… you rush through the final door and face the evil General, who has already begun to resurrect the Dark Warrior. Upset at seeing your entrance, the evil General decides to finally deal with you once and for all. Your team squares off against this threat and after a difficult battle against an incredibly powerful enemy capable of killing your weakest party member in about two hits, you manage to emerge victorious.

However, there’s no time for celebration. After a brief respite to heal your characters, there is a cutscene where the evil General uses his last bit of energy to complete the resurrection ritual, bringing back the Dark Warrior! You’re then thrown headfirst into an INSANE boss battle, where the Warrior uses all sorts of crazy spells and powers against you. Explosions, lightning, fire and all kinds of stuff are flying all around the place and shaking the entire board, but ultimately you are able to use the power of the Masamune to defeat the Warrior in all four of his various humongous forms and save the planet from evil, fulfilling your destiny as the Chosen One. You are rewarded with a (pre-rendered full-motion CGI video) - “This will be changed into cutscene” showing you escaping the crumbling ruins of the Temple of Blood with the Masamune in one hand and the bio-engineered magically-endowed robo-babe on your arm.


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BTW this isn’t my work its a work of a storyline mmorpg engine it makes plots and i found this one a bit interesting for men maybe some females

You mean you wanted us to read all that for something you didn’t even write? A monkey could have hit the right keys to generate that story.

It’s nice you were thinking of the men and maybe some females, though.

I laughed, and I cried.

Dude, instead of focusing your time on developing a playerworld, you should dedicate your energy at randomly generating masterpieces of fiction.