Update (10/18/10)

I added and changed a crap load of stuff, but never gave an update report. yawn

Townsfolk NPCs
Houses for the NPCs
Forest map
Arrows identifying level links (green = inside, red = dungeon/cave, yellow = overworld map)
Added a new tile. You’ll probably never notice it, anyways. <.<
Moar music

System stuff is changed to “*System” or something of the sort.
Still controls music settings, but now has stuff for the preloader.
Saying “reconnect me” will reconnect you to the server.
Saying “/update” will bring you to the preloader
If I make an image update you will automatically be updated with a version check.

The Warp Ring system is changed. Doesn’t take up the middle of the screen anymore, and pops up on side.

Incoming additions and changes
Continuation of storyline. \o/

Nice stuff, I like the idea for the preloader :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should make a nice GUI with dusty’s images finally :stuck_out_tongue: (If you plan on usin em)

Huhzaa! Monsters :stuck_out_tongue:

on Update this what?


I didn’t even notice the arrow thing in your first post. :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way, nice arrows. I was doing the same thing after getting the thought
from my #1 favorite turn based RPG game. The Legend of the Dragoon!

I hope they eventually release the series on the PS Network Store.

If they do, they should release Legend of Mana, 10000000x Cooler.