Update (2/23/11)

So I added stuff. Go look for broken shit.

Cave in Norune Forest
Hammer weapon and some wierd stake shit I’d rather not talk about.
Moar tiles you won’t notice. Yipee.
Added scripted chests. They’re pretty much all over the place. o__o

(Not really new but…) Added the slimes I scrpted for Riley. His sprites with his permission.
Slimes slow you down when they hit you. :o Don’t let them swarm you!

Changed the music in Norune Inn
Extended Norune Forest

Incoming additions and changes
More monsters if I can get someone to draw me some.
Planning on adding GUI stuff when I feel up to it.
Heart piece type system. I could use some ideas for this because I don’t want Tears of Hera or Zelda style heart pieces.
Lake Zolderon and “Shining City of Zolderon”
New mine for you compulsive miners that are already past mining level five.
Continuation of storyline. o__~

How about you guys read my post and help with my requests?

I can make some more blobs/slimes in return for a small playerhouse.

Are you saying that I cannot muster the intelligence to recolor the sprites I have? You can have your damned playerhouse, just don’t talk about it in this fucking thread. Be serious or go away, you little puke.

whare to get hammer frm?

Looking good. I checked out your mining and it’s pretty cool. Perhaps add some animation when you get a rock or something of the sort. Like Link picking up an item. lift sprite or w/e and it shows the copper, gold etc above the head.

For heart fragments im thinking maybe you could kill boss monsters or something and as a reward you get life force or something along those lines, you can have a life force meter and once its full you get a full heart and your meter resets

take off that horrible fucking music

Add a Pedophile named Dave


Dave is a boring name. Name him vanessa.

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Oh and also: Lobster.

Sorry, i couldnt resist :slight_smile:

Upload some heads n shit, and make a head/body changer :smiley:





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I am not asking for suggestions on what to add. I just want ideas for heart piece type shit.

Heart drops. Little red goopy drops.

Enough of them and you trade them for heart pieces from an old man.

At the case of fullhearts… maybe we should cut ourselves instead!
Or rather; avoid placing fullhearts into quests and dungeons and instead, place fullhalfhearts elsewheres! …like the mines.

I think it would be awesome if diamonds/jewels are hidden (like so hidden that you get pissed off) in Norune forest (boss fights with it maybe?) and it requires five pieces and then you have to find some old man that requires you to buy a tray to put the diamonds in and he performs some epic spell and magic, turns it into a heart and there you go. Then he tells you the location/town where the next diamonds/jewels are hidden.

EDIT: oh and here is my playerhouse:

I think you should ignore the above post and make some sweet custom heart pieces.

I got bored so I made some images for you, do you like any of them enough to use when you figure out the system? They’re just 3 different hearts I made because I was bored.


As far as your left/right sprites go, there’s a lil command, called changeimgpart o_o


I actually don’t like the red shade/contrast I used on it, I might want to change that to find more “hearty” colors.

I know what he means, I just wanted to show you guys, thats not the final copy if they even want to use it.


Heart piece type system. I could use some ideas for this because I don’t want Tears of Hera or Zelda style heart pieces.[/quote]

the heart looks infected honestly

I vote instead of tears of hera or zelda style heart pieces we have



we need inspiration

mortal kombat and rpgs are not it, hp bars are boring as fuck

banjo kazooie had a face that changed expression as it lost life, kind of a novel idea but it also had a honeycomb bar with it for specifics

perhaps a hexagonal and all in all simple design would be more desirable

or stones, rune stones

warlock for the snes had a face and as you took damage he got bloody and lost flesh until he was a skeleton

mystical ninja used a bar system, which you could effectively implement half and quarter hearts by dimmed bars or slightly filled ones

megaman tiem i gues

or beads, tiny gold beads