Updated Forum Rules 2018


I Dylan aka Seeker99, as the new owner of Graal Reborn would like to lay down some new rules.

  1. Use of staff boots for more than 10 minutes a day on one’s playerworld is punishable by death
  2. Having more than one GP on your playerworld is punishable by death
  3. Playerworlds offering purchasable items without content are subject to closure by the Playerworld Admin Team, and then execution of the entire staff team of the infringing playerworld will ensue
  4. Every hat put on a playerworld is subject to prior inspection by the Playerworld Admin Team
  5. The abuse of players and/or horses on playerworlds is strictly prohibited
  6. There must be at least one monument paying respect to me on each Graal Reborn server
  7. When quoting or replying to my posts, you must refer to me as Dylan-sama or “Big Guy Dylan”
  8. You must drink eight glasses of water a day and eat a healthy diet
  9. August 8th is my birthday, don’t forget to get me a present
  10. Playerworlds and/or users in violations of these rules may have their server or account terminated after a court process following the Graal Reborn constitution

Thanks, and let’s have fun!


listen to dylan-sama or you’ll find out why we call him big guy dylan


it would be extremely painful to find out why they call me this



[USER=“13673”]Shanks00[/USER] I would really appreciate if you and your friends took a look at the latest rules, thanks!


o.o Did we upset you?


Nothing serious to worry about. The Playerworld Admin team will be doing inspections soon. Just make sure the rules are being followed, especially #6. Thanks!


Stay hydrated.


You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Welcome to Graal Online circa 2006!


my goal is to make you guys miss stephane


yes, but do you have a team of international lawyers?? If you can’t promise me the threat of fictitious legal battles then you’re doing it wrong.


ya well these are forum rules not playerworld rules so i guess i don’t need a statue of Dylan on my front lawn


well I beat Unixmad’s team of international lawyers so safe to say I’m pretty much the final boss


Benjiro shut the fuck up, you sick little bastard. I gave you the account dylan(which my neighbor across the street made) because you got banned. Why are you coming up with this weird little twisted internet personality. go lose your virginity to a escort or something like a real weirdo.

-edit i didnt even read your post because youre just that fucking weird for keeping this going on for 7 years


why are you always so angry


hey caleb, it’s me your neighbor from across the street. hows it going? haven’t seen you in person for 7 years. anyways nice talking to you. what sort of escort would you recommend I lose my virginity to?



Graal reborns first schizo. refill your script on lithium dude.


Bored* tbh


:thinking: that was Antago though


Second then


first schizo

not even close buddy