So, the only problem I am currently having with my server’s images is some images aren’t loading for newcomers.
But…when I type the /updatelevelall command in the RC, it always works.
Is there anyway that I can fix this so that I no longer need to say that in RC?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not totally sure, but it could be your code. Using the “if (created)” flag sometimes causes problems.

It may be in your best interest to use something like:
[php]if (playerenters)setimg tree.png;[/php]

I know when I first started I would do something like:
[php]if (created) {
setimg tree.gif;

The problem was that the tree would still be blocking. Switching it to if (playerenters) solved it as it loads the script each time a player…enters.

Also, protip: “thanks” doesn’t need an apostrophe. It would imply that “thank” was a either a contraction or a noun and had some possessive qualities, of which it isn’t and doesn’t.

The flag shouldn’t matter for images. Could be that the images aren’t being downloaded by the players. Can try Beholder’s image preloader.

That sounds more right. I’ve been on many player-worlds, including my own, that use an image preloader to avoid such a problem.

Thank’s Spoon, I think this should work:

Eh the script is no longer working for me, I’ll try to see if I can fix it on my own.

Dude, THANKS as in many thank. Not something owned by thank. X_X

I tried to point that out, too. X)