Updates and Events

Here is a thread with all our Updates and Events. To start off here is a preview video of Mining!

Nothing too big, just a nice touch!

That was made by Tricxta!

Lol, you always use exclamation marks and I imagine you in real life yelling then I lol and go to new posts.

More likely a guy from a commercial that talks normal but at the end of each sentence is like “OMGWTFBBQ :smiley: xD >:D LOLOLOL”

LOL what are ya’ doing Tric? I asked you to stop modding on here unless I tell you to or you work for Noddess. I guess you might’ve not read what I said before, I love that you are trying to help but until you work for Noddess again I don’t feel you deserve the power.

even after he made the best thing in noddess??

I would help out on noddess sometimes when im over doing uni work and kondie isnt online. Previously that time would be for ROS but since im fired I can give it to noddess if you really want me to fix up and add some new scripts. Just leave me with a set of instructions and i’ll be well on my way. Also I deleted only posts that were between riley and me since I felt as though they would cause a flame war from other people in the reborn community. If you want your threads getting spammed with junk just let me know and I wont try and help :slight_smile:

When is your next novel coming out?

When I finally finish this epic chapter im writing called “rebirth or reborn?”. Might take a while though…

I guarantee they still have the staff room on their server. We’d better stop before the mods come along though. Lets get back on topic shall we? So how about that Noddess?

I like the dried up lake concept in the center of the main town, if i ever make a server i want one of those in one of my towns
its cool

Yes that uhhh noddess server sure is quite the place.

Hit’s 80 keys “Ello”
I like it, good work.

Ok. I need to really start adding some more stuff to the town I’m working on. We will reset all acounts and fix up some stuff. Hope you guys like Noddess Version 2.0

Hopefully when we release are next and possibly final update (no mo’ account resets, then) we will be able to get Silver.

You will never make silver.

shun teh non-believer

good luck

Thanks, I’m getting back on too now so…hopefully :slight_smile: