Ok some new things have been added:
-ice weapons now have a 25% chance of freezing players bows will slow a player for 1 second while the sword will
slow a player for 2 seconds. This effect is stackable, if you want to recover I suggest just stepping into a no pk zone
weapon bonus:
-all or most weapons have now been given a 20% damage bonus. How this works:
-for weapons with a varying damage rate the maximum has been increased
-for fixed damage rate weapons its just a basic 20% increase rounded off to a whole number
-examples on how to gain use of this:
-if your an archer you will get a bonus from using bows
-if your a warrior you will get a bonus from using swords and daggers (excluding the magic daggers)
-if you a mage you will get a bonus from staffs, spells and magic daggers
sprinting boots
-sprint boots should now be fixed and should work for all speeds, the method used my be inefficient and this may be
addressed at some later stage in order to create less lag

Have fun :slight_smile:


-added a wanted poster of the person with the biggest kill streak.(there are a few posters around town)
-fix a bug with the sprinting boots
-add a showtext to the qmenu so you can see the exact weapon name after request from some players
-made emotes draw under text
-since some players have been on level 15 for a while the level cap has been moved. The max level is now level 30
-new training grounds in the lost woods for anyone with a level of 10 or more

-achievements released(more info on page 6)
-new short-cut for those with the climbing ring near the guard house
of the first town

-Sprinting boots have once again been changed, now after completely exhausting your energy you must wait 5 seconds before your stanima replenishes. This means theres also no half walking half running either.
-Tweaked the event system so it will break the message over several lines depending on the length
-added the muffin cannon as an event prize (25 ET)
-Various other small bug fixes

Nice job.

Thanks tricxta. :slight_smile:

5/05 not 6/05.

EDIT: Wait… you live in Australia. They have it dd/mm/yy and its mm/dd/yy in America. Timezones are different, so your a day ahead of us. So there for you are correct.

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Also, what ice weapons? And are they for sale?

hm trixcta, i should make the Gaia overworld and work with you on ur server, you already have the scripting framework done, in my other thread the main reason why i didnt want more rpg elements like swords and gaining levels is because i cant script it lol

pm me if your interested

kondies gunna get mad at you for trying to interest me in another project how ever Im tempted but uhhh Ive kinda lied to too many people so far so no definites yet sorry :frowning:

oh thats straight, all i was thinking was a nicer overworld and a more defined job system

Lol, I just want to finish up Xialza in the next two months and see if we can take the systems from there and create an even better server. The graphics, scripting, and leveling is all good practice for me as well.

EDIT: Also, yeah, I’m mad at you, Skoopa!

Don’t rush the product, it wont come out as good.

Yeah, well wasting my summer doesn’t come out good either. :open_mouth:
Looks like Xialza will just be going through slow development.

tell me when you no longer wanna put effort into xialza kondie so I can move on :facehoof:

I’m not going to be finished with Xialza for a while lol.

Never said it had to be in highspeed dev dude. Keep it slow. When you pace yourself too fast you tend to get flustered and want to quit.

I demand credit for all of the ideas I’ve given through out the course of Xialza.

Oh yeah, uh, what ideas? x_x

You’re right. Seriously. Some of the things (Custom Sword images for one) were your idea and make the server better.

What custom sword images, seriously, I have no idea what you are talking about. x_x

He told you to take the Zod shit OFF and make your own. I like the server more for that.

Fuck you, Kondie.