Useful Guides for Graal The Adventure 2004 version now exists.

[spoilers]Thanks to SpectreGhost for pointing out this site to me and to TimeMutt and Xmann for originally creating it. These guides originally came from[COLOR=#ffffff]

Newbie Getting started guide: [/COLOR]
Hearts & Heras guide:
Items guide:
Quests guide:
Secrets guide:[/spoilers]

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I noticed there was a link floating around the forums for help on the Classic '04 levels but it was dead. Figured the internet archive would have timemutt’s old site in some way.

ah i’ve used this guide for a while. Only problem i’m having is that the new hera’s aren’t included on that site and i’m stuck finding them.

I can never access links at that URL. I’m assuming it’s hosted on someone’s local PC or something?

try this:

It’s essentially the latest version of the site I can find. There are later snapshots but the only differences are the frames, the information is the same as far as I can tell.
Most other snapshots are either the same or, once you go past January 2005, the site goes blank.

There’s a couple of snapshots of Shockedfrog’s Graal Update, but the latest ends around here:

All other versions of the site, including, are prevented by robots.txt. Joy.


As a general guide, Chad in the throne room of Graal Castle is able to give hints that direct you to a number of heras. I don’t know how reliable into the quests he is though.

Nope :confused:

Nothing on that dynamic domain works for me.

My apologies, but the IPs of France and all surrounding nations “including UK” are blocked due to security reasons because there are just too few real visitors and too much malicious activity and bad people. Now if France area Europe would just grow up and get rid of it’s corrupt governments, corrupt police, stop harassing innocent people like MagicalTux, calling innocent americans such as myself “The internet boot of al qaeda” and actually put real criminals like Stephane Portha in jail, and get rid of all the neo nazi fascists and racists then I might consider lifting the IP bans I have in place, until then it’s a hacker/spammer/scammer nightmare and a no fly zone for any serious IT people. I suggest trying or other proxy services. Again my apologies for the innocent people who are affected, but allowing IPs from that region is just not smart.

I actually live in the Netherlands and the site works for fine for me. Also Spectre, i was talking about the hera’s that have been added the past 2-3 years. I found some threads about them getting released but that’s it.

I know where they are. I can run through them and PM Viper guides for them.

Not all of Europe is banned only the nasty areas that threaten the internet. The nations that are physically connected to France, the class A IP ranges 82..., 194..., 217...*, the Ukraine and Estonia and some other IP ranges known to be malicious are banned. The U.K. is banned because it is only separated by a small area of water and physically connected via the Chunnel. Plus if you run a forum or blog script you will see 90% of all spam bots comes from that region. Again I am sorry, but don’t blame me, blame the corrupt governments, corrupt police forces and criminal internet cartels running wild in the region. As for the guides, please send me anything you have and I will see it gets uploaded. Thanks again.

As far as I’m aware, the UK goverment is no more corrupt than the US, and any other govenment for that matter, especially when it comes to the Internet. It happens both ways, too. Google “Gary McKinnon” for example, one of the UK ‘hackers’ suffering from US extradition laws. But this isn’t the place for politics.

I do find it curious that you’d say the UK is blocked from your server because it is close to France. That’s like me not visiting America, because it’s connected to Mexico. I don’t like the generalisation in your previous post, which seemed to tar the whole of Europe with the same brush :S.

If you get a lot of robots from the UK, then that’s fair enough. Not something I’ve experienced myself, but of course it’s your prerogative to block wherever you wish. I just find it a bit totalitarian. A bit “Chinese firewall”, if you will.

He’s doing it because Unixmad is a weenie and I assume he can apparently just go to the UK to look at the site.

To be fair, the UK isn’t that bad. Source: My UK friend, etc.

Mr. GOATSE is refering to Eurocenter, LINUX Cyberjoueur, Stephane “Unixmad” Portha, the “French Police” that Unixmad uses to threaten people with, and the several law offices that Unixmad has hired to accost children and attack the United States’ First Amendment.

When’s GtA back up D:?

When Marlon is back in Sweden.

Which is soon :)?


I found some of the anti-Stephane stuff via Google Cache. Interesting read.

updated first post with the new timemutt link

ty for the guide, been wondering where to go or what to do on that server.