User Submitted Uploads

This section is for user submitted content. Please attach any files, such as levels, heads, swords, shields, areas, enemies, gfx for your areas, etc etc.

You can also send in any user submissions to [email protected] as well.

Only approved stuff will be submitted to the server. You will be replied to with a quote showing your content has been submitted, or denied. You will also be given a reason as to why it is not approved as well if denied.

Thank you all in advance. this is not just my personal hobby project, this is also your guy’s game as well.

My head is global. I’m all set.

Heads don’t fit properly. Nothing in Graal does. The original tiles are half the size so we need to fix everything up. It’s simple, just resize the images you want to fit in on GIMP or Photopshop and then scale them back to their original size (Make sure AA is off).

that looks like fucking garbage o_o

It fits in with the game lol. Pretty much everything in aLTTP looks like garbage on Graal.

you downscaled the image and then upscaled it instead of just taking the image and redrawing it. It would’ve fit way better.

pixel, there’s a error in your system, you forgot to charge 20k gralats per item!

I already have a 2xScale head from Beholder’s server 2xScale. O_o