Username colors

For people new to the forums and those who don’t know anyway, name colors mean the following:

GServer software programmer

Forum administrator
Super moderator
Playerworld Administration (PWA)
Normal user

great. now i’m purple.

I don’t have Moderator so this must be false.

Sweet. My name looks like Mace Windu’s Lightsaber.

I think we’ve decided to reduce the amount of Moderators. I’m not sure if this has gone into effect yet or not, but it might explain this.

Hm. I don’t think anyone has the Moderator permission group

Who needs VIP anyway.

You know, I think that’s true. When I was just a Mod I didn’t get the permission group.

Regardless, we will be cleaning up the Mods here pretty soon. Some may find their Moderator-ship gone. gllt and I were supposed to take care of this awhile ago, but gllt disappeared and we never got consensus on it. I think we are finally getting around to it, though.

Me. Also the forums be tripping, double posts o_0

Yeah we know.

i like how you separated your title from all the others. you think were scum. just say it.

I was hoping someone would say that, and I figured someone would. I separated it because it’s not quite as related to the forums as the others.

some members could be considered developers. like tricxta is a gs1 developer. lets add those titles for the list.

If we sub group every type of person we’ll have no ‘normal users’.

I don’t think it’d be appropriate to go to the level of server-like staff designations. The GServer programmer one is significant because it affects absolutely everyone who comes here and uses the software.

That’s what titles are for.

no one is normal here. make it happen.

:open_mouth: Still don’t have that authority.

Of course. Now cadavre has multiple people whispering into his ear. I guess.

Hell yea at least my title stayed the same :stuck_out_tongue:

… or close enough.

I appreciate that people take the time to do admin stuff. There was a while were I was the only one, it got frustrating.