Variable variable names

This is the feature I like the most with gscript.

That you can call a variable like so:

setstring this.names,John,Calvin,Zork;

  putnpc ,character#I(this.names,this.i).txt,0,0;

Or something like that. I use this rarely but more often than while. What are your thoughts on implementing this codr? Possible now? Useful?

(Oh, ok that wasn’t a variable name but I think it can be done with variables too… this is an example of how I used it lately)

It’s already possible with my language. While I actually hate the idea, since it’s terribly inefficient, it was something that I know a lot of people used.

The equivalent would be:
%(“character” @ names[i] @ “.txt”)

That looks kind of ugly but cool! Thanks!

GS2 would be ugly to you too, then.

Codr, why are you creating a language?
I mean I’d like to know the arguments explaining the reason for that.

Why not use an existing scripting language ?

It’s already been created. The only justification is that I wanted it to suit my wants and be modifiable by any means that I chose. If it turns out to be terribly slow and I’m unable to correct it, I may switch to JavaScript, however.