Graal Reborn needs a Ventrillo, it would be a good way to talk to other members, and not have to type so much, also a fun form of communication, while in game.

How about… No?

man you a bad ass.

Man you a lazy ass… SKYPE! -_-

You all lazy.

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy, Lazy.

Just type. You’re doing it now, aren’t you?

nope, windows speech recognition… not really but I just wanna let you know I dont have to be typing.

Skype costs too much money :frowning:

can always use msn as well :0 then you can have massive group convos but as if I would anyone here on msn >.> oh no wait… maybe gllt coz his funny as

Kondie, did you not get I was kidding? x.x

I like skype

God no.

ventrilo is for playing world of warcraft or livestreaming video games okay

skype is good for voice chat

msn is okay too but um i use pidgin and it always fails to do cool things

No because I thought you were talking about Skype to land-line. See the communication error here? Lol.

I’d do skype.

It’s good for any Blizzard game, imo.
Just not Graal.

well you know
i think the idea was just a place to talk not
necessarily while playing graal

i mean thats a cool thing and all but its gay

however group chats are cool

with cool people i mean

irc is fine too who needs voices

you can have voice


haha fag

I have a 15 man ventrilo that I don’t use anymore and is paid for a year.

What did you buy that for?

DoTA? >:]