Anyone Hyped up for this MMO thats coming out this year for US. I love how the graphics and engine are. The Valve engine is perfect for multi-genre games. I may pick a Sword and Shield or evy/mage with a scythe character. I don’t care about the gender locking that much because the game is awesome with or without it.

My heart belongs to Grand Chase.

Not for long. Im pretty sure dragon nest and vindictus will steal it.

I hope it’s for Koreans only.

I hope it’s North Korea. Then nobody will be able to play it because they’ll want to keep it a secret for as long as possible. “bawhawhaw! You silly Amerwicans! You no get to play awmazing game! bawhawhaw!”

Dear Ignorant one,
Nexon America’s first appearance at the E3 2010 Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center will include playable demonstrations of three next-generation free-to-play games - Vindictus, Dragon Nest and Dungeon Fighter Online. The Nexon booth, No. 635 in the South Hall, will also host actress and former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Michelle Lombardo, hot new game videos, fun giveaways and an opportunity for attendees to learn about the new games from Nexon staff.

They can play video games?
“Human Rights Watch, accuse North Korea of having one of the worst human rights records of any nation” Wikipedia

It’s called a joke. Don’t take it so fucking serious. And if you were trying to make a joke, it wasn’t funny. Stop before I drive you out of Graal Reborn again.

it don’t look to bad but i am waiting for the new ff14 i beta-ed it and it’s well worth it, in my eyes at least, i played ff11 for 6 7 years don’t really remember.

I’ll have to call bullshit on that.

bs on what beta testing ff14 b/c i signed up on there sign and got picked to beta test it’s called open beta lol at u, and second i played ff11 from the day ti came out in the usa till last year i stoped, if u dontbelive me go join up go on Kujata and ask around alot of ppl know who i am even gms lol, was one of the top players. thats what happens wen u r bored ont he road alot and have no life besides playing gigs


no i open betas ff14 and i played ff11 for years get it now lol

Heh. I beta tested FF11. I even got an NVIDIA FF11 t-shirt, because I was one of the first 50 people to sign up for the beta test. Then I thought the game was crap.

lol it’s wasnt a bad game at all, now it’s crap way to fucking ez

Don’t believe you. Zzzz

How did this get from Vindictus!

to final fantasy?

lol idk i just said yea i did this for a while making convo and then bam, it looks pritty good though this si the first time iv heard about it

You people get butthurt really easily. As hilarious as some of these posts were, I’ve gone through and deleted them because damn, it just goes on and on.

But I love winning D: