Virtusphere, thoughts?

Well I heard about this a LOoooonng time ago, but I recently started looking into it again.

It’s like a virtual sphere you can hop into physically, wear a set of “goggles” and actually play games with. It also does manyy other things but since this is a forum for a game, I felt it would be best to talk about. It’s like a virtual world while you personally move physically to play it.

Some more information about it for those that never heard of it or don’t really know what it is:

There are also videos on it too. Very interesting. A bittttt pricey, though.

Also very noisey when the ball has to rotate around. Think, hundreds of ball bearings being grinded.

sounds like the final fantasy game with that water sphere ball game , man i hated doing that part . i think it was Final Fantasy 10 .

Well people wouldn’t really need to worry about that considering the insane price they’re charging for them! Aha.

I’d use it. It’d be look a good wii

With a Wii and two of those balls, I could have a grand ol’ time.

unedited picture. It’s actually an 80’s time machine.

O_o what’s with the unitard?

Yeah I’d point a gun at him too.
But again I say, its loud as hell, like a hundred shoppingcarts going down a hill.

We should keep this thread going to find out how many analogies beholder has for loud.

Nintindo Wii Balls? o.O that aint right…


nice use of your first post, Olivia.

It’s a bot. <.<