VS: Reborn

The whole database crashed lol, all posts from around 1am-6am GMT-4 are gone.

lmfao I was wondering why the Forums were looking and acting weird.

skoopa fix my IP -_- I can’t log on

Should work fine, try now, if not, log on and pm my RC

I can make indoor levels, I’m still learning but I’ll shoot you some of my work in an e-mail or whatever if you want.


lol You’re bad. And we know that you’re the one posting. Don’t sign your fucking posts.


iKill you told me earlier that you had trouble getting links between levels working. I’m sorry but i need to hire someone who is already comfortable and experienced with tiling, with ‘indoor’ tiles especially. I dont want to have to heavily critique or teach a member of the LAT team >_>

What about me? :smiley:

Well it’s on you if you want to help out, it would be appreciated brubruh.

The simplistic style of zolderon is what im looking for anyway

Vs Reborn now has à own forum

Good man :smiley:

can i get this thread moved there?


Any opinons on a name change? Perhaps just Versus? Now that we are ‘Open Graal’ the reborn part looks weird,

or a new name overall

i remember the original name was like, Versus:Conflict or V$:C for short

Oh i see, i actually like open graal though

thanks for the input, i like just ‘Versus’ as well

Yeah, Versus sounds more PK-ish…welcome back :smiley: