VS: Reborn

I’ve been messing with this playerworld for a few months on and off, and now I’m looking to get it really playable and established on GR here. I received this playerworld backup from an original staff member sometime in 2009, although i didn’t get any blessings from the original admins of this world to upload content here, i have paid tribute to them in the OSL, in fact you cannot play the server until you have witnessed and read the info on the world creators :o.
Plus, this server is dead in all forms on official graal so while WanDaMan may want to put up a hissy fit about level content being on here, my response is… it’s GR, chill… let’s have some fun.

Ok so heres a little gif i made of overworld progress that was made since i got the actual levels. The first frame (more bare overworld) is the map as i received it, the next frame is where it currently stands.

It looks like all i did was add trees right? Well, your halfway right, what you can’t really tell though is the HUGE amount of re-tiling i had to do because i could not find 2-3 tilesets this server used. Leaving me with really fugly pathways and snowtiles. For example i had to retile like 80%of the snow village, it was really fucking annoying but hey it’s done. There’s also a handful of heart/sword/shield quests… actually i think all of them are done, albeit sloppily but it’s a start.

(I’m gonna pissed if i come upon these tilesets now lol)

The world is heavily focused on player killing, as dictated by it’s name ‘versus’ (‘reborn’ referring to this website obviously).

Deaths are removed so there’s no real downside of pking ‘stats’. I plan on there being content only available to people with certain kills or even ‘killstreaks’. I’m also thinking more into levels you can gain, based on your kills and even baddy kills. All of these ideas have already been bought up in the original construction of this world so it makes sense to try and implement them here.

Overall the world is a classic graal themed place. I won’t go into TOO much detail right now but i will have a more GTA feel to it.

The real point of this thread right now (I will probably use this thread as a base and update it later) is to hire some level makers to assist me in filling in these empty houses.

Scripters are welcome too but I’m not going to really push for looking for someone right now, if you like anything you’ve read so far and are credible then ok I’ll talk to you.

If you can level well with ‘inside’ tiles, then post, shoot me a pm, whatever.

*ALSO, don’t think when you get hired your gonna have access to all the overworld levels, I’m not going to run this project like a free for all, noob staff run server.


=] good luck chief.

Thanks bruh :), hey what do you think of Ex0’s GUI being used on here. It’s ‘rustic’ and different, and i like it. What I dont like is seeing the same ol default graal state.png everywhere :rolleyes:

use it. im sure chicken will be fine with it.

I can do any requests for scripting you want skoopa, just pm with the images and the details and I’ll script it when I have time(not really doing any full on graal projects atm). Since I only have 2 assignments left my time has freed up alot :slight_smile: so yer… feel free to ask for a script here or in a pm

Told you Skoopa! :smiley:

Heh yes, thanks for the support peoples.

I know spooon was discouraged earlier about there being no direction well, i just wanna say i do want to implement a story line, but one that isnt so overpowering, one that you can pick up and continue at any time

considering the map name…illuminati… and the encouragement of pking… i think something along the lines of how the world got this way… why pausing is ‘outlawed’ etc would be cool…eventually leading up to a confrontation with the ‘world government’

anyway story is easy to implement, thats why its not coming first, and some systems are

What does VS stand for?

uhhh maybe…

Oh. Missed that.

Hopefully not “Very Shitty: Reborn”
Although that would be a very nice name, it wouldn’t exactly bring players. lmao.

Anywho, good luck.

You should check it out, Yenairo. It has a lot of good potential. Just needs a good scriptor.

I’ve known about it since before I left dude.
It’s an awesome server. Silver Quality for sure.

Yeah…and some more insides :0 as soon as there is a custom kill/death sytem…I’m scripting all out to make lots of different killing things :0

Hey Alex i think progress can be made on the ‘killstreaks’ without the actual kill system in place, you could use placeholder string names…

btw what is silver, is that classic? is it like…


Bronze (indev) (was Hosted)
Silver (mostly complete) (was Classic)
Gold (Done/Updates)

hmm i see, the client im using though, the tabs say

Graal Gold - Classic - Hosted

is it outdated then :B?

i think its

I think you’re using Graal_231…
I (and others, too I think) use Graal_222.

…Whoever deleted my post that had a little more info on how the process would go for making inside levels, can you please restore it…

fix the indoor tilesets