Make your own Graal Wallpaper!

Do the best you can and post it here in 1280x1024, 1280x800 & 1024x768.


“graal wallpaper”? why not take the original: a Zelda: Link to the Past wallpaper?

seriously, you can nothing do better than take a screenshot and paste the logo in…

not graal but my wallpaper/banners :smiley:

nice stuff rice

Why, thank you Agret :]

I made my sig, the girl is from Minitokyo I believe.

Yeah, that’s the one. I get them confused as I’m not much of a megatokyo fan.

Not bad, I like it :]

we can has image-signatures too?

i win

lol you forgot to say b…b…bu.bump

no, but you forgot to make a wallpaper.


Left: Dylan
Right: Kondie


k nope

Nice! :wink:

who the hell is dylan