Wanna' Host Exotic?

Exotic is nearly finished! All I need is someone to host my server Exotic.
I would do this myself but my router doesnt support UPnP. So please reply below if you would wish to host it. Thanks!!

P.S. I just got Exotic BigMap today!!!

you gotta donate to gr if hosbox is gonna host it

How much…


do what spoon tells you

Meh, im poor, i dont feel like begging my parents. X_x

Isnt there another way?

yeah let riley do it lol

Thread Closed due to request of OP.

Riley is hosting Exotic!

Crossfire, you’re not 18+.

Lol, stop being off topic, though. it says “Anyone can join this group” lol…

i hate it that any mod (global and of the forum) can post after the thread is closed.
P.S i joined just to get the bold name and my birthyear is 1990 :stuck_out_tongue: