Want to share your work, feeling creative? We need your help!

Hello guys!
If you want to participate in making Classic Graal Adventure the best experience for both nostalgic players and new players seeking to explore a huge world, you’ve come to the right place!

First of all a few guidelines:

  • We do NOT want to remove content from classic, unless the goal is to replace it from another version of classic that is more popular/enjoyable
  • We do NOT want to remove the original gifs/music
  • We do NOT want to have powerful unbalanced weapons that will ruin the game

Considering that classic is huge, that some quests are incomplete / lead to nothing valuable, and that some content is very repetitive:

  • (MUSIC/SFX) We DO want to add new music to some areas where it would give a better ambiance, and that would make the game less annoying over time

  • (LATs) We DO want to fill unfinished spots with either levels from a version of classic that we might not have included, or with YOUR levels, mostly houses, but mini-games and remakes of old buggy quests are also welcome

  • (SCRIPTERS) We DO want to add new weapons, and fix existing ones to work well with Graal 2.2.2. We are slowly introducing new weapons and different levels of spells to remote quests. Balance is a big priority here, easy quests must give weak spells/weapons, hard quests can give more powerful ones

  • (SCRIPTERS) We want to introduce GUIs for some operations, like enhanced buying and chatting, any offer in this direction will be welcomed!

  • (SERVER-SIDE SCRIPTERS) We are slowly implementing group events, bosses, harvesting fields, and we’re planning team vs team events, if you are familiar with server vars and want to build unprecedented content for graal, we’d like to hear from you!

  • (GFX) While we don’t want to replace original GFX, we do want to introduce original content to have nice looking levels, although you’ll have to mention what are your plans since we want to keep it classic.

  • (BUG SEEKERS) Classic Graal Adventure features over 3000 levels, and many of them still have glitches, or some links might be lost, might loop back to their origin, NPCs might not work as they should, etc. While we invite everyone to report glitches, we would welcome any dedicated Bug Seekers to the team to report in an organized way (level name, glitch description, etc.)

  • (LATs) One vision we have to make this server very enjoyable would be to add Quest Marks over key spots where important quests are located these would change color or disappear once the quest is finished (Last flag obtained). We made a few random ones but we could add lots of them and make them a bit more aesthetic.

We’re still open to suggestions, but I think we’ve got a lot of work for Classic enthusiasts!