Wanting to break this rumor and solve it. Assesin32

Assesin32 playername FireX
from my reports
im hearing he steals stuff.
please someone let me know if this is true thank you.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]If its not true then please take a look at Bayne’s reports hes been also acussed of stealing lvls from stowen

Im looking for opinions of both bayne and assesin32 so i know who’s telling me the truth this issue arised today around 4:35 PM central currently one of them were fired and banned but i wanna make sure the one fired isn’t innocently done in by something not true.

this seems pretty legit, better shut him down

Don’t trust anyone with staff rights to your server unless you trust them.

Is killercroc trustable erya its also bayne*

If you’re comfortable hiring people you don’t know, go nuts.
However i think you should first check for yourself if they’re alright.
And with alright i mean both their reasoning to be staff
and if they can even do something other than plomp down tiles to make a level.

okay issue solved both are not stealers one banned the other just for being acused but.
I need to speak with you steal levels again and you will be fired without warning.
and banned. and comments will be added. to make sure you don’t get hired ever again.

Assesin32 if you read this. Your not fired but banned for a week for banning a fellow staff member.
just for acusing you of something.
it could of been worked out more maturely in that manor as i seen it could be. but you took your powers to baning him over it.
please learn that you can’t ban for everything.
and don’t say he steals too because i seen him on skype make a whole town on video.

Also he was in the wrong too for accusing you. so therefore let it go. it was sam he copied bar1.nw on accident from 12th planet i seen no opel city files so therefore there was no proof of that. so you can’t really be banned for stealing anything. because you didn’t.

yer srry i used to wrk on both severs bt quit to to come to this one

didnt mean to copy drag the level into the rc worlds sowwie