Wassup everyone?

I’ve noticed the discord was also quiet… so I want to know what you guys are up to.

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Trying to get out more instead of dealing with computer anything.

Regarding the client, nothing has really been done for quite a while. It’s hard to care when Rou will always be way ahead due to library usage.


I don’t think that your statement is correct.

I’m not using any libraries that I haven’t written myself for my game client/engine, other than a cross-platform graphics API wrapper which is actually lower level and closer to the machine than the version of Direct3D you’re using, and embedding the v8 engine for scripting.

As far as v8 goes, it would be inefficient to write my own interpreter because an interpreter will never match even half the speed of a well optimized JIT compiler in proper benchmarks, and the amount of work it would take to write a proper JIT compiler for a scripting language would be redundant (plus the fact that it would never compete with top Google engineers, who are around the clock working on one). I think the performance of scripts is important because this is not just a game but a game engine.

I also wouldn’t even call that a “library” in this context because it’s a language compiler, unless you would count a C++ compiler as also being a “library”, in which case everyone is using one no matter what unless they’re writing their own language compiler in binary.

As far as the graphics API goes, it’s lower level because it’s a wrapper which only serves to bind to existing graphics APIs (OpenGL, DirectX, DirectX12, Vulkan, etc.) using conditional compilation. The Vulkan / DirectX12 APIs (which it directly maps onto) are much lower level and closer to the machine than DirectX < 12. I also help write the graphics API bindings, and wrote all of my own shaders.

I also wrote my own Entity Component System, which would not be possible on top of an existing inheritance based hierarchy which most libraries/frameworks tend to use.

There are no external libraries/frameworks involved, I wrote my engine from scratch.

So actually what I’m doing is probably more difficult than what you’re doing. I just spend a lot of my free time doing it because I care about it. I also work contract dev jobs, and have a wife, so I don’t have infinite free time.

So please do not blame me, or use false / disingenuous / misleading statements about my usage of libraries to justify your own choice not to work on your own client.

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hmm, thought so.

The community is a cancer that hasn’t been removed yet.


No stfu. Cancer gets bigger over time. Do better next time


hosler vs Spooon, battle to the def.

cancer kills the host and then there’s nothing left for it to feed on

like the graal community :smiley:

What Graal community.

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I am busy in my office work and family how about you?

Busy wishing I had office work and a family.

Yeah that’s good and wish you a good luck from my side. :heart_eyes: