hi dude thanks for posting unixmad’s address online i sent it to antago

waves back?

Yeah no problem. He’s a N*****

I used to just think he was a retard but I decided he deserves to suffer after he tried suing me.

Not to mention how irksome/creepy it was to read him on drawing pictures of each other and laugh about it.
I’m still curious what he would have drawn, any idea [USER=“5712”]Dylan[/USER]? Put ur mspaint skillz to use m’boy.

Here’s the old mspaint for you. Just change the extension to .exe. I prefer it when drawing to the newer mspaint included with Windows 10.

Strangely enough the REDACTED (see in VIP area) called me about a month ago regarding opengraal.com which I do not own.

So whoever owns that domain, needs to trash it.

Unixmad at it again.

sorry 2ndwolf forgot to do this, here’s what i think he may have drawn

I like the face, is that a ? or a nose with an open mouth… before I looked closely I thought it was a stylized shadow line.

It’s meant to be a question mark