Website/Forums logo contest

Retard, it’s not hard.

Its not worth it… besides im stumped on what I would even draw as an icon… What best symbolizes graal reborn…

Edit: I figured it out… iNoobs make up the majority of graal reborn now soooo…
my submission I guess…

Btw… attachments are retarded now… I can’t work out how to add new pictures other then the ones i previously posted…

Click manage attachments, and go to top right corner…there is something like choose files to upload…click it, choose the files, and clickupload…and you are done!

My Banner

This is a tile background one. Main one is banner1.png and tile part is banner2.png

Index the image before you rotate it so that it doesn’t blur… Other than that, pretty decent.

.< drugs…

hmmmm i really need photoshop

I use and it works nicely

Oh lord. If I could get my Photoshop on here, I would do a fucking fine job.
I’ll get one up soon.

I don’t think that was the original purpose, but he seems to be going along with it now, lol…

Nah. I repeatedly softened and used blurring effects on he background. It was too much for the eyes when it was non-blurred.

I don’t have the Adobe suite anymore. :frowning: doesn’t feather.

At this rate Ben’s is gonna be the one that wins. Chop chop people!

I’d rather there be no winner then some shitty job I would have to look at each time I get on graal reborn (client/site).

:frowning: SO GET ON IT, MANG.

Fuck no, I can’t draw if my life depended on it, everything would come in a fucking clean plastic wrap. If benjiro wins this shit because no one could be assed to do something I/others might not be able to stand comming on the site, why can’t we just have our sleeping beholder back!?

!!! That’s a good idea.
Time to make a banner. >:]
But seriously, I am not even attempting to try unless I can use my Photoshop, and it’s not even fucking installed yet, and I can’t find the disc.
Graphic Design Standstill for me. :frowning:

now what?do i win pop tartz or sumfin?

A sticker from gllt

oh god no