Website/Forums logo contest

Rules: Make anything graal/GR related.
Height: 124px.
Width: Less than 800px.
Color scheme: May contain Brown and Green as base colors, rest is up to each contender to figure out.
Wish: That the image, like on the current opengraal one, fades out to the sides, or that there’s a repeatable pattern image that fit in well and isn’t too disturbing to watch as a compliment to the logo.

Winner gets VIP-status and/or the a color-change of whatever color you want (except red, blue and green as these are admin-colors).

So no multi-colored grainy pattern like before? Darn!

lmao, I so want to do this.
I just can’t right now.
(Maybe I can. >_>)

I’m making one. :slight_smile:

Yeah. Can’t get a screenie of Bomber Arena though…

Not my fault :open_mouth:

Changed my mind. I need photoshop for what I wanted to do.

Hahaha, thanking yourself.
I was wondering when you’d start whoring like that.

Yeah, every time I mention it someone moves my post to the off topic/flaming/trolling thread.

Certainly isn’t me.

That’s because people don’t like you, Captain Obvious. :whatever:


You know what I’ve noticed… No one is posting pics. for the logo, there just talking.

No, we’re working on it.
If we are taking this seriously, then we will make it the best we can, since we have a good amount of time.


You’re not a C++ programmer.

looks at Riley I’ve got you in my sites. >:O


I will fucking kill you.

Damn! I would so enter this contest. If only I knew how to make a logo :confused: