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Hey guys please give me constructive criticism on what i should add or fix on my not finished website home page in only html and css

no riley i am not going to steal tutorials. I am going to make my own from videos i learned these languages and Im not done learning the languages just making the home page ahead of time.

The toolbar menu and the smaller menu on the right need to disappear. As Riley said, you only need the main menu. Black is such an oppressive color. Go for neutral colors. And also, don’t start copying and pasting from other sites and using it as your own material. Even if you pulled a Neo and suddenly learned every single one of those types of codes you listed, there’s no way you’re comfortable enough to start posting tutorials with any depth to them.

I agree, if you look at professional websites for big companies you can see that they typically use a white background then use a good contrasting colour or something similar to that. It provides a much cleaner and clearer display.

Well I coudn’t help but notice you have a c++ section. So give us a demo of your ‘apparent’ knowledge and explain boolean operator overloading.

riley your so stupid its not stealing what im learning cause the guy didnt make it up him self its called syntax that the maker of these languages make stupid and i quit graal cuz all u people are ass but trixta and alex

Gawd, I am such an ass. :3

You ask for constructive criticism, but when it’s given, you throw it away and act all big-headed. All Riley and I are saying is that you should spend some time learning the ins and outs of each type of code before you post a tutorial about it. I know very marginal information about HTML and Javascript. I basically know enough to get by. Does that mean I’m going to post a tutorial about it? Hell no, because I don’t understand the language enough.

To put it another way, that’s like taking a semester (or less) of a foreign language, and then going out and trying to teach people how to speak, say, German or Russian. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk, and you have to walk before you can run.

Youtube may be a good source of material to learn from… but there is no way possible to come close to mastering a single skill from watching a video… or a thousand videos. Until you spent enough time yourself on the skill to actually have some decent experience and knowledge you won’t be able to make a tutorial on it successfully without taking material from elsewhere.

Let me see that page’s source code shit and I’ll tell you what I think of it.

why is this in my domain
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