Well uh, hello there.

So, i’m not really new and knew about this place for a while & didn’t decide to join until just now. Some of you may remember me, and some of you may not. I’m from that uhh other graal, and played on a few different places. I’m not going to mention much of anything else as i’m not sure what’s allowed to be said here or not. I read the tos thingy or whatever but still, there may have been something i’ve missed. If you want to see if you know me, feel free to PM me!

Uh, other then that. I wanted to host a server of my own as i’ve heard that it’s free to do so here, correct? I have some great ideas & I will be jotting them down & recruiting as many people as possible, as soon as I can get around to it!

Anyone who can direct me to a list of all the playerworlds thus far that I can look at, and a description of each would be great! I don’t want to work on something that may already have been done. I would just check for myself, but i’m on a slow connection at the moment so it may take a while to download everything needed to get online & see for myself. If there is no such a list, a brief description would suffice!

HELLO! hey enjoy your stay here its lots of fun if ou sign onto the server when a lot of people are on (mostly afternoon)

Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, I think I will enjoy my stay here. So far the community seems fairly nice.