Well Urza...

I think I’m just going to use EL2k10 for that example server. Once I get an online version straightened out we can just distribute it with the client as the training level. I’ll go through later and add signs that link to threads explaining how things work.

I’ll go through and design quests and such around the “do it for me threads” and get a decent foundation together. Then we can add to it as new stuff comes up.

I think I’m going to slightly customize the HUD to add an extra bar over top of the ASD icons with QWM icons for Inventory, Quest Database, and Map. Quest database would just be an invisible system weapon that offers a quest menu that lets you choose what quest to focus on, thus adding a marker on your mini map. You’d get a notice when a conversation with an NPC adds a new quest, so it should make it a lot easier for players to find and keep track of quest progress. Once I have it working I’ll just throw it in a thread so everybody can use it and I can pick up some rep… :smug:

Oooooo, sounds awesome


Why do you think I’d give it away?