Were you around for Xoria PW?

Just wondering.

It was only the best playerworld.


I was around for it … wouldn’t call it the best. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I was.

i was.
08 and 09.

i was a LAT.

09 sucked
08 was the best

Wasn’t around long for 08, i worked more on 09.

09 never got finished. it was still
“Beta realeased”

It never got very far either O.o I made a small temp map and you guys went crazy on it.

09 coulda been hot.

The tileset was puke and nobody was doing any work on it except in the temp map. O.o
We should have just worked on the old server and just fix the problems Arcain was having with it.

No… :confused:

I was staff on it too. I LATed. Unfortunately, I had to leave Arcain and the guys for a while during my basic training, and once I finally got back, Xoria was going down. :frowning:

Because XoriaPW '09 sucked.

Spooon you should strive to make your server like Xoria, in a way for all to play.

O_o, Xoria is dead, why the fuck was this shit posted in…

… or OrangeKirby was just going through a bunch of old shit threads…

:open_mouth: Oh right!
Oops sorry Spooon I retract that accusation!