What are the correct transparency levels to upload images

I’m new to Reborn, and I cant figure out the right transparency levels to upload a body, or head. Any help/suggestions would be great.:slight_smile:

Transparency’s impossible with the V2 client or so it seems…

it can’t be translucent, ie. anything between 1 and 254. It can only be 0 or 255, iirc.

remember that EVERY image need to be 8-bit

But then, how is it that the brick wall in the secret (oh well, it was until now) room of Bomber Arena is semi-transparent?

You can change image colour properties using script commands such as changeimgcolors & changeimgmode or setcoloreffect and setimgmode depending on which method you prefer and what application you’re using it for. Just take a look at commands.rtf.

and he used dithering or whatnot,


T = Transparent
F = Opaque

for the people with the lights off.

edit: and also it’s never been secret. It’s just not obvious.

though so.