What happens when you trust someone

Hey everyone i have an astounding new science report!! when you trust Yenairo, he’ll go behind your back and stab you!! =D

hes gonna come on here whining about how i just stole his scripts that he did for my server. well you shouldnt of abused my trust you peice of filth, go get hit by a car,

Member Complaints

Also this is a sob story.

I know im sobbing about how you are the MOST idiotic, un trustworthy person i have ever met. :slight_smile:

Have fun in hell faggot, hope you burn to death…

I am discontinuing this post, have fun getting banned if you continue it’s a rule. If you want to complain, complain in a PM to me.

Spooon please close this >.> One reason.

  1. Wrong Spot

You’re starting to sound like the creeper Urza and I were mocking today…

um…earth is hell…so anyone having fun here on planet hell?

Who are you talking about?

Moved to the right section.

Thanks, that works better. Now we can shoot each other without getting banned.

BTW Urza would like everybody to know that we would verily appreciate if U_WitDaFace and Yenairo could knock it off.

Yenairo, you are trolling a tad hard, try to keep it friendly teasing with people who aren’t upset in the first place. Enough is enough.

If you guys persist a moderator could always shut you up by banning both of you for the night if you’d like.

:frowning: I guess I could use a feather for trolling instead of a tree.

rofl thanks Urza

Meh i was being lazy…

Heres a list of people you can trust:

…Wait I see a pattern here.

That’s normal for a savant.

In what way is he genius?

The only smart part of him is his ass. It is a rectal explosion of sarcasm.

Lol, Yenairo does trollololol. Everyone uses sarcasm.

You can trust me to be unreliavole! :smiley: