what is svc..?

can some one explain me? all graal and servlist have these hidden folder =)

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Its to do with subversion. They basically contain all the setting files and stuff that maintain the status of the files, like checking to see if files have been modified and so forth.

If you're using TortoiseSVN, don't delete them. Instead, right click the folder you downloaded the repository into and choose: TortoiseSVN -> Export. Choose a new location for the files to goto and it'll strip away all the SVN dohicky stuff.

Re: what is svc…?

can you explain me with more detail? or share me a guide?

i dont understand too mucho O-o

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If you're as lost as I am, you have 2 options:

  1. Give up. Stop caring.
  2. Study more computer…stuff
  3. Lurk moar
  4. ?? ??
  5. Profit

I recommend the 1st… but you should do #4.

And if you're not as lost as I am… ignore all of the above, but please do ask more specific questions next time to show what exactly you don't understand.

Re: what is svc…?

I figured they were Source data, and delete them (I keep the zips I downloaded anyway, so If I needed them, I'd have them). For me, deleting them had no effect on the Gserver. Although I do host it on a Linux server. No clue if that makes a difference

Re: what is svc…?

well il do #X


i founded the source files from the svc and downloaded em all…
i think so

i know that i must need mysql and all shitchat…in what file i must do the bvulettin setup? o.o

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Re: what is svc…?

thanks for the clue
but i had tortorise a lot of time and istill dont know how to use it