What I've been up to

I’ve spent the last few months working on a Hammer project. It’s a custom defuse map for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Right now there isn’t a lot to see since it’s still in the design phase, but I’m gradually starting to work on texturing and modelling the map. Most of the map is just a bunch of default textured walls to give it a rough layout, but I figured I’d share it with you guys anyways. I’ll post updates as I work on more stuff.

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Masturbate with his feet while he make this with his hands, of course.

I need to try this

Good luck with flexibility

You should do more of this and less of the shitposting.

I like how these orange and white walls turn out… it reminds me of that game about doing parkour in a futuristic city that had these kind of vibrant colors…

Mirror’s Edge

Orange and white walls are for unfinished areas. There’s also a gray area too. I split the map into a trident, I’m kind of focusing on the white area, with a bit of the orange right now. There is a mirrors edge community map for CS, but it wasn’t accepted into the game because it doesn’t fit the style.

video is a little outdated
it’s slowly looking better

still working on this
I’d like to say I’m close to being finished, but that’s a lie


What game is this?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, running off of the Source Engine. Valve is pretty cool and pays community map makers for their maps provided they have enough quality.

I notice no flaws, therefore: Good job!

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it’s been a while guys
I’ve got a bit more to show now, hopefully going to release the whole thing at the end of this month

Lookin’ good.

looks good man :slight_smile: look into substance painter and designer for quick node based diffuse creation. they work well for people are not fully art savvy. has a bit of a learning curve. but works well. also, if you are a bit pressed for money. a copy of quixel suite is good too. its an addon for photoshop but its super powerful as well.

This is nice, good luck with the final product.

Yar. I’ll throw up a cs server and we can all pile on and play this map.