What's good right now?

Been a while since I played graal reborn. Well, what are some good servers(speaking with minimal expectations) right now?

Graal The Adventure is a good server with lots of content.

I’d recommend kos, it might not present well nor have good english, but as long as the gameplay’s good. Aye?

I’m working on translations.

It’s boring because of kids like you. making Poor trolling attempts, thus driving people away…
Cant blame no one but ya self :)!

Xialza whenever it’s finished.

Wasn’t meant to be trollling, and I actually am working as a translator on KOS. Your trolling attempts are way more pathetic anyways.

I work on Phoenix as a LAT and the server is amazing. Once it comes out everyone will be blown away, it’s the best server I’ve ever seen with pics1.png.

Bold statement. I have yet to get any levels from you.

But I do appreciate those kind words. Hopefully, it will live up to those expectations.

I’ll second what dylan said about phoenix, it’s an amazing server.

A phoenix is a fire bird.

It also symbolizes rebirth: the whole rising from the ashes thing. This is, after all, Graal Reborn. See what we did thar???



Yes, you did.

Don’t be cheeky.

this made me download 7 mac games when I got a fast dns and my reply to the friends was “No i didn’t put a dns” ! but look whut you did there!