Whats the command?

Whats the command to make a player visible when i press D?

A player as in yourself as a weapon, or a certon player/npc?

player using a weapon

Ok, you have 2 options…

  1. Use the command hideplayer (seconds) ;
  2. Use a blank gani, and use setani
    that’s all I can think of being away from my laptop. Also I think there is already a thread about this benzy posted, and alex responded

hideplayer doesnt work online

bullshit , its works just fine for me . you must not be using it right . all tho …

is that a typo or is everyone not reading this right ?

What have u been smoking when you posted this

if (weaponfired){
setcharani blah;
setcharani idle;

hideplayer hides it for you. Basically doing hide yourself locally…


To make a player visible:

if (created) showstats allstats-1024;

if (weaponfired) {
  this.visible = abs(this.visible-1);
  if (this.visible = 0) showstats allstats-1024;
  else showstats allstats;