Whats with?

Whats with Anime? Its just cartoon Japan Characters.

No. You suck.
Anime is way cooler than Cartoons any day.
The drawings are better. The plots are better.
You can take them seriously, and not feel like a child when watching them.

anime kinda sucks. sorry kids.


You be the judge!

It seems like this post is completely lacking of knowledge. Have you ever watched any Anime? It’s not just cartoon Japanese characters… It’s completely different. The shows usually have really great art, plots, and pretty much everything Yenairo said. There are a lot of good Anime’s out there and I suggest you find a few then come back and make a statement about it. o_o

Sorry. No time atm. Read it later?

Lol, nice Shiny. :stuck_out_tongue:

O___o Rule #345678 No Anime!