Whats wrong with this rain?

when a player leaves the level the images stay on the screen etc
and the flash of lightning only shows up when paused
and idk if it will work for other players etc in the same level
if (created||playerenters) {
seteffect 0,0,0,.25;
setarray this.rain,50;
setarray this.x,arraylen(this.rain);
setarray this.y,arraylen(this.rain);
if (timeout) {
if (s>98) {
if (t>98) {
seteffect .25,.25,0,.5;
play2 thunder.wav,random(0,64),random(0,64),random(1,5);
seteffect 0,0,0,.25;
play2 rain.wav,playerx,playery,this.fall/20;
for (i=0;i<arraylen(this.rain);i++) {
if (this.x[i]==0) this.x[i]=random(1,screenwidth);
if (this.y[i]==0) this.y[i]=random(0,screenheight);
if (this.y[i]>=screenheight){
showimg i,rain_1.gif,this.x[i]-64,this.y[i]-64;
changeimgvis i,4;
changeimgzoom i,random(1,2);
changeimgcolors i,0,0,1,.99;

if (playerenters) {
  timeout = 0.05;
  setarray this.px,100;
  setarray this.py,100;
  setarray this.pl,100;
  setarray this.pang,100;

if (timeout) {
  timeout = 0.05;
  if (this.wait > 100) {
    this.wait = 101;
  for (i=0;i<100;i++) {
    if (i > this.wait) return;
    if (this.pl[i] <= 0) {

function spawnDrop() {
  this.pl[i] = 5;
  this.px[i] = random(0,64);
  this.py[i] = random(0,64);
  this.pang[i] = random(pi/4,pi/2);

function moveDrop() {
  this.px[i] += cos(this.pang[i]);
  this.py[i] += sin(this.pang[i]);
  this.pl[i] -= 0.1;

function renderDrop() {
  showimg 300+i,1chicken_w.png,this.px[i],this.py[i];

function lightning() {
  seteffect 0,0,0,0.25;
  this.rand = int(random(0,100));
  if (this.rand > 98) {
    play thunder.wav;
    seteffect 1,1,1,0.9;
  } else {
    play rain.wav;

I tried my best but I could only get it to rain chickens, maybe if you can edit the script it’ll work with raindrops.


You all are assholes!!!

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is that a threat? please go fuck yourself


Here is a very nice warning you will only get once.
Beholder does not take kindly to any black mail; In the case of blackmail, regardless of validated or not, he will smack you down, call your bluff, and twist your head around just so you can watch me kick your ass.

Also, Downsider’s was a thoughtful scripting joke, if you cannot change one file name in that script then you need some learning to do.

Uh, we’re not partnered with Graal Hacks; and if you think you can get us shut down then you sir, suffer from “Acute Dumbshit Syndrome”.

He did an awesome job linking a dead site

Damn, I didnt even realized he was pissed…
I was too busy laughing over the chicken rain.

I mean, seriously…it was a very clever joke.
And the chickens are just hilarious.
And because the chickens are hilarious that renders his anger and opinions invalid, right?

I find chickens more creative and useful. Really he should be thankful or happy

I personally found the chicken rain script to be a very helpful.
I may use this on my server, but now I am thinking about raining squirrels.:wink:
But, I want them to explode when they hit the ground.

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Ya know, I didnt even bother to follow the link… due to my lack of give a fuck.

My God, I didn’t mean to spawn this madness.

You didn’t, someone else who bit his tongue off did though.


Just for kicks, MKnace posted that. It’s the same person.

I was gonna do some joke from “300” like… “Madness? this is Sparta!!”
But I decided against it.

Oh, I lol’d so hard at this newfag. Honestly, in what HELL does he think that people will help him by making threats? I would say, “My pre-adolescent-sense is tingling,” but that wouldn’t sound ANYWHERE near how I would have wanted it to. So, I’ll just assume you know what I meant.

Secondly, Mr. Portha has been trying to get this shut down for some time, now. But, has found that this project does not operate outside the law. Another scoop a failsauce for him.

And lastly, he needn’t come back until his balls have dropped.


Thread Locked. I don’t need to list the reasons behind this, create another if you need to and start over. Beholder pretty much stated what I was going to say.

“My pre-adolescent-sense is tingling” half way thru your post I’ve decided your a cool person. Well done sir