Whats your favorite distro?

Mine is still Gentoo

Debian, then Gentoo

Debian, then FreeBSD, then Arch, then Slackware.

Debian, then Fedora.

I think we can leave the BSDs out of here or else people will start talking about macosx

Windows 7 >.>

ive never used anything other than windows OS’s and an old imac (the imac was for online schooling)

you should try linux. if youre a nerd, then it will be new and exciting for you :slight_smile:

I am a gamer…I play video games 24/7, and listen to music

lol what are you a linux zealot


is not being able to play graal reborn a deal breaker? well you can. it runs smooth on my gentoo laptop.

wow you are a zealot

i got done with my exams earlier than most of my buddies. so I have been just hanging out on the internet for the past 2 days and messing around with gentoo. so, yes, linux has been on the mind lately.

I lurv me some KDE, so I’ve been using openSUSE for a while now.

I’ve heard many people swear by openSUSE . But i liked Mandriva, mainly cause it was the only one that would install on my old laptop .

I like linux, I think this is the best distro.

Yeah Gentoo is my favorite, it’s what I started on but i’d never ever use it again too much messing around but it was a great learning experience when I was new to Linux.

The only distro I use atm is Ubuntu, so yeah Debian like everyone else. Other distros have retarded package management. OpenSUSE was nice but Yast is god awful and runs on mono ffs make your package manager native, I know you make mono but it doesnt mean you should use it for everything! :frowning:

All distros that use Redhat as a base is god awful, mainly because they use RPM(Redhat Package Manager) and YUM…

Any time I use a RPM distro i install apt-rpm to make it less retarded.

CentOS (smack some cPanel on that redhat, bitch!)


I tried them all, except the obvious…

About BSD, I think there’s a official Debian Gnu/BSD download on their site that I’d like to try out. http://www.debian.org/ports/kfreebsd-gnu/


I like FreeBSD, everyone should try it once.
As well as Slackware and Debian.