Where can I find a small graphic editor that support 8 bits .png?

Yeah, I know, there is supposed to be a tutorial for this:

The problem is that newer versions of Paint.net does not seems (at least for me) to include the bit depth in the save-as dialog.
Newest version would be: 3.5.10.
The link in that post, and others, works, except that inside the zip file for 3.5.x you will find 3.5.10 whatever the x value.

I search others programs, but did not found an open-source software with this ability yet.
Or I may be just dumb, as usual.

[Edit1]Hum… At first I thought Gimp was not doing this, but I just found:
Menu Image/Mode/Indexed Colors
Now I am mot sure if using an optimized palette is a good idea.
I wanted this to try the level generator.
Now, I jsut need to have Gimp for Windows rather than for Linux.
The problem is that 73 Mb is not what I was thinking when I wrote ‘small program’.[/Edit1]

Use Paint.NET, I have the latest version and it works fine. I’m not sure what’s going on for you.

Paint.NET go go go It’s like Photoshop’s autistic twin.

hum… Ok, I am dumb.
I missed the click Ok part of step 5.
Basically, I thought the choose depth was part of the save as dialog, but it happens in an other step after.
It works fine now for me.
Please forget me!