Where is bravo ?!

I’m ready to play it ! haha where is it at ?

Aye there was the super old Bravo up a few months ago.
Worked fine except for the setbackpals. lol

LOL, I forgot about those D:

well i can def be a hoster if needed, if anyone got the levels… why not??? where they at !! i want emm

I’m not a huge fan of Bravo, but I can go through and switch out the backpals pretty quick on Monday assuming it’s the one in the DVD. I need a password for the copy I know I have for sure, but I don’t know if it’s new or old. Anybody got an old copy of N-Pulse laying around?

bravo_online [12 Jan 2002]
Bravo [29 Dec 2002]
bravo [31 December 2002] [anti-unixmad.com]
bravo evolved [12-11-04]

are on the dvd

Also someone was meant to be getting old n-pulse off the owner of the server but I forget who it was now so I can’t ask him if he managed to or not :confused: It’s one of the few servers i’m missing (I did have it at one stage in the past though)

u.u nobody haves aramech server( also known as Dino valley?)

And I want to be a god, tough luck newbie.

Hahaha… Dino valley D:
That was some weirdass server, I used to run around laying pics1.pngs everywhere o_o

A server I actually remember… Dino Valley sucked >:|

=] i havent heard that word even been spoken around me when it comes to graal in a very very long time…

I still talk to raccoondog every little bit, even brandon who was owner for a looonggg time, during the whole (2001) phase where bravo goes gold… for some godly reason…

funny to say but raccoondog STILL has everything on his old PC… i gotta find him haha

I meant that you are new to Graal Reborn.

Psh, what about Rudora… or Babylon! :o

wtf is rudora? I’ve never seen it over the 10-11 years i’ve been playing graal, yet people talk about it. If it was a big server, it must’ve been clearly visible. :S

SOMEBODY has to have dino valley. I’d kill for that server, was the first server i ever played! lol

Think it was hosted here once, I forget by who.
We don’t exactly have a proper/clear manner to find out who is hosting what.

We do if someone registers their server, otherwise, we’re screwed. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone remember Frolic? it had some crazy shit on it when I was a GAT like little raccoon looking characters with crossbows also some interesting looking servers that never got completed: Hartland, NW (duh), Archaic, Relic, the new Sanstratta ect theres some more I can’t even remember all looked very innovative

I wish you knew who :frowning:
Would be pretty cool to remember what it looks like…theres only 3 people i remember from there: Bluebell, Banjo, and Blake.

Hi, it was me :).

Talking about Bravo! nvm mis-read