Where is everyone...

It’s Saturday, and people are usually on today. Don’t tell me everyone but me suddenly found lives. :frowning:

Graal has unlimited lives, or was it deaths…

How many licks to the dirty center of a french man?[/center]

Did GTA disable player killing? How is that entertaining?

___Merged doublepost__________________

At least we know what Beholder’s up to, hope he doesn’t losse count…

Yeah, what gives?

And Skoopa STILL hasn’t come back to finish our experiment!

Wasn’t the failbowl supposed to be going on today?


That’s why its the failbowl

There were people on earlier though

That’s it. I think we should fire Skoopa.

Skoopa peaced out.

My wife is sick, my client seems to not work anymore, and I’m rarely on Classic anyway? =D

You can’t fire skoopa, he hosts the server, I think.

Yeah… :confused:

Ive been away for quite a bit myself. Recently me and my girlfriend broke up, been gettin out trying to have a good time!

Graalian Red Light District

Bomber Arena

Wait, Skoopa’s not doing anything anymore…?

Duh, you just fired him…

ay, chilll

Oh, jeez! He’s back.