Where to begin in the world of Programming?

Recently, I’ve decided to dedicate a large portion of my spare time to learn programming. I’ve been surfing the web finding various college books converted to .pdf to help get a grasp of its logic and try my hand at making a few simple programs. For those of you that are pretty well-versed in programming, what are some good resources you would recommend to someone just scratching the surface in this area?

I am currently working on learning with C# (via Unity with all its vast community support and thousands of others that have found theirselves in the same boat as me.), and JavaScript (Since every crevice on the internet talks highly about its usability on various platforms, and is beginner-friendly.)

I’m mainly looking as to where I should begin, and what should be some priorities of learning. I’m trying to back up a few steps as I know I’ve already gotten way ahead of myself, and want to know some good ways to get a grasp on the fundementals.

Learn python god damnit

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Actually, I just started! I found some free courses on a site called Codecademy and its starting me off with Python. Thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

Python’s official resources are badly explained. I have a friend who tried to start with it and it’s kind of confusing. I’d advise starting with javascript but python is alright. I’ve learned it back in the days as everyone says it’s the best for beginners.

No fuck you. Python is easy.

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Python is so ugly. I used it for mod development before and hated every minute of it.

pythonnn, it’s the one language i want to give a chance but… i like brackets

It is nice that it forces lazy slobs to properly format their code, at least.

JavaScript, I’m a little familiar with when it comes to going in and making edits, but as far as writing it from scratch, no… Python is proving to be easy enough for me to understand, and this website does a good job with explaining exactly why and what something is that it makes me do. I have the basic grasp of it I really just needed to dig into the terminology behind alot of it.

I’m sure that someone could start with any number of languages, there’s even Ruby which is familiar from the RPG Maker engines.

Once I get good enough with Python I’ll probably switch to JavaScript, and I really want to learn C#


This is what I’m learning with currently, I’m also going to be digging into some of these books on programming:

This is an awesome collection of college course books and material that’s mainly in .PDF form… and it’s all free :smiley: